For Oscar D. personal satisfaction goes hand in hand with helping customers

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Hello, my name is Oscar, and I work at MoneyLion. My role at MoneyLion is that of a Customer Service Representative. My responsibilities are to assist clients on how their loan applications are progressing through the underwriting review process. Other daily activities would be to help clients pay off their loans, or in some cases, clients would like to pay more towards their standard regular installment payments, or principle.

My decision to work at MoneyLion is to provide help for people who need some sort of monetary assistance that would get them out of some kind of rut that they may be in. When a client calls and finds out that their loan was approved, and you sense the relief in their tone of voice, it brings some comfort at the end. It is a gratifying feeling.

Occasionally I’ve also built a repoire with the client, which becomes a rewarding experience; knowing that you were able to assist a client through their loan application process, to me, is priceless.

At MoneyLion, our office is vibrant, full of energy, and there’s also a sense of openness that makes working here enriching. Not to put down the other work places or companies I’ve worked for, but at MoneyLion it doesn’t feel sterile. The people I work with are pleasant and helpful. I would say that learning a new trade and knowing how the process works, really makes it rewarding.

As I learn the processes and procedures within the company, I hope to pick up some good valuable skills, so that I can climb up through the ranks. I want to be a valued asset to the company’s continued success. Be a part of a team that values consistent and professional services to our customers. Offer my input to help the company make improvements. Provide the level of professionalism that I have acquired over the years as a Customer Service Representative.

I recall one time at a previous job I held, I was assisting a customer in need of a microwave oven. This individual needed to have one for a gathering that was being put together the next day. We went along on some choices in which one would be right for her purpose. Finally, the lady decided to pick one that I gave some descriptions about. I went ahead and placed the order to ship the next day. The next day, I received a call from the same lady – very upset! The order didn’t arrive and she was in a bind. So I went over to my manager to see if we would be able to provide same day delivery for this customer. I didn’t want to disappoint her because at the time of placing the order she was very satisfied with our service. Before the day was over, the appliance arrived in time and we received another call from the customer who was very satisfied. This is an example of how going far and beyond to assist a customer becomes a very personally rewarding experience.

Perhaps because I’m the type of individual in which helping people is a reward in itself – knowing that you are giving a hundred percent, in order to show that you are there for the customer and whatever concerns the customer might have – I know for a fact that when I receive nice accolades from customers, or compliments, it’s a feeling of accomplishment that stays with me for some time.

I look forward to continuing to do the same at MoneyLion.

To financial wellness,
Oscar D.

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