Earn cashback on everyday spending

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Spend smarter with Cashback Rewards

We know the journey to financial health isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it, so we love to reward and motivate our members. Now you can earn Cashback Rewards on everyday purchases!

How to earn Cashback Rewards

Any member who uses the MoneyLion app is welcome to take advantage of Cashback Rewards. Earning rewards is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3:

  1. Open the Rewards tab in your MoneyLion app. Then click the Settings icon in the upper right to link your credit and debit cards for free.
  2. Pay with your linked credit and debit cards at eligible merchants.
  3. Get Cashback Rewards (% depends on merchant) automatically!

Maximize Cashback Rewards at local merchants

Before you dine, shop, or play, visit the app to check out local offers first. Under Local Offers, tap SEE ALL and then search by keyword. Craving pizza? Search “Pizza” so you can find out who will give you points for every dollar you spend.

You’ll rack up Cashback Rewards (points per $1 spent) that you can redeem for gift cards to your favorite spots, including Amazon, Walmart, Target, AMC, Olive Garden, GameStop, Bass Pro Shops, and many more.

Earn while you spend now

Visit the MoneyLion app, link your cards to our Rewards program, and start getting Cashback Rewards today. Not a member? Saving, investing, borrowing, and spending are more rewarding with a MoneyLion membership. Learn more at moneylion.com or by downloading the free MoneyLion app.

Checklist for maximizing your Cashback Rewards

  • Go to Rewards in the app and link all your eligible credit and debit cards to the program — there’s no limit.
  • Wait 24 hours after linking your card before using it to earn rewards to give it time to be registered on the rewards system.
  • Search before you swipe! Check the app before you spend to make sure you’re frequenting the merchants who offer the best rewards!
  • Always run debit cards like a credit card (do not use your PIN) in order to get Cashback Rewards points.
  • Watch for MoneyLion emails sending you hand-picked and special cashback offers you’ll love.
  • Use your MoneyLion Visa® Debit Card to earn Cashback Rewards while enjoying total freedom from bank fees!

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