How To Pay With Two Credit Cards Online


Imagine you find yourself at the virtual checkout counter, at which point you learn that your total is more expensive than expected. You might be tempted to split your payment across your credit cards to avoid a high balance or to collect some points, but you might run into a roadblock in the process. 

Most merchants do not allow you to make a payment on more than one card, also known as split payments. 

Online stores that allow split payments

Though most online retailers do not allow payments between two different credit cards, some allow split payments between a credit card and a gift card. If you have a gift card for your favorite retailer that does not cover your entire balance, you can use your credit card or debit card to pay the remainder. 

Most will not allow this transaction when using multiple cards, debit or credit. When customers use multiple debit or credit cards for one transaction, it can make it difficult for the merchant to properly process the transaction. Additionally, prohibiting using multiple cards helps cut down on fraudulent payments. 

Amazon Inc. allows you to split payments with most major credit or debit card providers and an gift card. However, you cannot use multiple debit or credit cards as payment. 


Target Corp. only allows the use of one credit card with online payments. Additionally, you can not combine a Target credit card and a Target debit card in one purchase. 

But Target allows consumers to combine a credit card or debit card and up to 10 Target gift cards in one transaction. So first, use your gift cards, and then put the remaining balance on your card. 


Best Buy Co. Inc. accepts most major credit and debit cards as payment. However, when it comes to splitting payments, it’s similar to others. You cannot use multiple forms of payment in one transaction. For example, you can not combine PayPal or Apple Pay payments and credit or debit card payments. 


Walmart Inc. also accepts most major credit cards as payment. They even accept electronic benefit transfer (EBT) cards as a form of payment except in some states, including Alaska, Montana and Louisiana. 

Though you cannot use more than one credit card for payments, Walmart allows split payments with gift cards. Customers can use up to five gift cards in a transaction with their credit card. 


Wayfair LLC has the same rules as the retailers mentioned above: It limits split payments and accepts major credit cards. 

However, there is one unique positive that Wayfair offers customers: no limit to how many gift cards you can use in one transaction. This could make it easier for customers who need to make larger purchases. 


PayPal does not offer a split payment transaction method for purchases. Instead, it provides an option to split your payments into three, four or even monthly payments, providing more freedom to customers. In addition, PayPal accepts most major credit cards. 

Paying for purchases without splitting payments online

Though most retailers do not allow split payments online, there are still ways to make larger purchases.  

Visit the store in person 

While some retailers do not allow split payments online, you might be able to make the transaction in-store. In-person, retailers may offer the option to use two credit cards or even have alternative options for you. 

Hold off on making the purchase for now 

This could be a great time to consider whether now is the time to make a larger purchase if you need to make a split credit card payment. Can you hold off on making the purchase, perhaps save some more money first? Use the time to decide whether you really need the item, and if you do, revisit making the purchase in a few weeks or months when you can make it all at once. 

Use your credit card points 

Depending on the retailer and your credit card, you could use your rewards points for or toward a purchase. First, check with your credit card company and see whether the retailer you are looking to make a purchase with has point options available. Sometimes the reward points can significantly impact how much you need to pay, and you can use your card for the remainder. 

Make use of buy-now, pay-later options 

Many popular online retailers offer the pay-later option when making a purchase. They typically divide the total purchase into four interest-free payments paid every two weeks. This option is a great way to manage larger purchases without the need for multiple forms of payment. In addition, most retailers do not require a minimum amount to use this service, and it typically does not involve a credit check. 

Instacash from MoneyLion

MoneyLion offers Instacash, which works as a cash advance. You can link your checking account to your account to qualify for up to $250 with 0% interest and no credit check. By linking your account, Instacash allows you to have the cash you need on hand, eliminating the need to split payments. 

Credit Builder loans from MoneyLion

A Credit Builder loan from MoneyLion is a loan that allows you to borrow up to $1,000 with a competitive interest rate and improve your credit score at the same time. These additional funds will enable you to avoid using a split payment for your larger purchase because the funds will be deposited directly into your account. This makes it super convenient to buy what you need with little extra work.

Make your purchases work for you

Most retailers do not allow split payments online with more than one credit or debit card because it can cause a delay in processing and extra charges to the merchant. This does not mean that you cannot purchase that cool TV you’ve had your eyes on, you just might need to take extra steps. 

Will getting another credit card help my credit score?

When used strategically, adding a new credit card can improve your credit score. Not only can the additional credit lower your credit utilization ratio, but timely payments can also raise your credit score.

Does being accepted for a credit card improve your credit score?

Lenders make a hard inquiry on your credit before accepting your credit card application, so your credit score may drop in the short run. But if your new credit card helps improve your utilization ratio and you make your payments on time, you will see that your credit score will go up over time.

How does your credit score go up?

When you get a new credit card, your credit score improves as long as you make your payments on time each month. And if you effectively limit how much credit you use each month, a lower utilization ratio can increase your credit score.

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