How to Save Money at Disney World: 11 Tips in 2024

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How to Save Money at Disney World

Planning a trip to Disney World? It is known to be the happiest place on earth, but can also be expensive. According to WDW Magic, Disney has raised the lowest-priced single-day Walt Disney World ticket option for visits in 2025 to $119. For 2024, the lowest-priced ticket option is a single day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom for $109.

Learning how to save money at Disney World can make planning your next family getaway easier. Here are some tips for saving money before and during your next vacation to one of the world’s most beloved amusement parks.

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How much does a Disney vacation cost?

Your Disney vacation will include park tickets, meal plans, and accommodations. Disney’s current admission fees are listed as follows:

  • Magic Kingdom: $134 —$189
  • EPCOT: $119 —$179
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom: $109 —$164
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios: $129 —$184

However, you can save by purchasing a multiday ticket. A five-day ticket will cost around $109 per day, and you can save by bundling additional features such as the Park Hopper pass.

Meal plans cost $94.28 per night, though a quick-service plan only costs $57.01. Both plans offer discounted rates for children. Disney Springs Resort area hotels cost $198 per night, but other local hotels will have cheaper rates depending on the season.

6 ways to save at Disney

Want to learn how to save money at Disney World? Follow these tips to keep your trip aligned with your family budget.

1. Travel at off-peak times

Stay during the week rather than the weekend. You’ll find lower-priced hotels and tickets for stays during early winter, late summer, and after holidays when crowds are lower. This can be one of the most effective ways to save at Disney.

2. Use credit card points

Disney Reward cards offer points that can be redeemed for discounts on park admission, lodging, and dining. Other credit card reward programs also provide discounts on airfare and lodging/dining outside the Disney park.

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3. Compare prices for both off-site and on-site lodging

Is it less expensive to stay on or off-site when visiting Disney? The price can fluctuate, especially during off-peak seasons. To get the best deal, you’ll need to compare current offerings.

4. Bring your own snacks and water bottles 

While a Disney travel site states snacks cost $5 to $6 inside the park. However, Disney World allows you to bring in outside food, saving you snacks and water bottles.

5. Don’t fall for overpriced meal plans

Meal plans can cost as much as $94.28 per adult per night. While some guests may love the convenience of a meal plan, you may find more budget-friendly options off-site.

Alternatively, you may skip sit-down dining options in favor of a quick-service restaurant. Options include the international flavors found in Disney’s EPCOT center.

6. Avoid impulse purchases

Watch out for high-priced souvenirs. Some items may be available outside the park at a Disney store for less money. Limit your kids to just 1 or 2 items from their favorite movie or theme park experience, and avoid items that can be found in other department stores.

Start saving for Disney World ahead of time 

Given the price of Disney parks and lodging, plan your trip to ensure it fits your budget. Here are some tips for learning how to save for a Disney vacation.

1. Automate your savings

Never miss a savings payment. Set up a bank account, so that you automatically transfer money into your vacation savings each month, consistently setting money aside. Divide your total budget by the months between setting your account and your trip. Then, aim to set aside that much each month.

2. Consider a high-yield savings account

For short-term savings, a high-yield savings account will allow your money to make money. The exact rate of return varies by bank, but you’ll see better interest rates than a savings account alone.

3. Add to your investment account

If you’re new to investing, check out Auto Invest from MoneyLion. This service lets you automatically transfer money from your checking account to your Managed Investment account.

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4. Pick up extra work

Save for Disney by working extra hours at your current job or starting a side hustle to earn extra cash. Opportunities like babysitting or food delivery jobs can also bring in additional income that can contribute to your trip.

5. Cut back on unnecessary expenses

Adjust your budget to leave yourself more room for savings. Skip the daily coffee run, or forgo your next visit to the nail salon. Allocate the money you’d spend on these luxuries and add to your vacation budget.

Take charge of your Disney savings plan

Now that you’ve learned how to save for Disney, it’s time to implement your Disney saving plan. By adjusting your budget before and during your Disney vacation, you’ll enjoy a magical experience without breaking your budget.


Can you bring your own food to Disney?

Yes. Disney allows you to bring outside food and nonalcoholic beverages into the park, which can help you save money on snacks and drinks during your stay.

How do you spend the least amount of money in Disney World?

Knowing how to save money at Disney World involves bringing snacks and drinks, skipping expensive meal plans, and limiting souvenirs and impulse purchases.

How to save for a Disney vacation?

Adjust your budget to give yourself more room to save for your vacation. Use automated tools to set money aside monthly or into a savings account.

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