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If you’re short on cash and in a hurry to get your hands on more money, taking out an instant payday loan online may seem like a no-brainer. Many payday loans are available without the need for a credit check. They often provide same-day funding and short repayment terms as well. But many of these loans force consumers even deeper into financial debt rather than helping them out. 

How do I apply for an instant payday loan with no credit checks?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reports that the number of online payday lenders has increased in the past decade. On paper, that doesn’t sound so bad. It means more instant funding payday loans, which means low-income borrowers can access money with ease. 

But most payday lenders operate under predatory practices. For instance, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau notes that payday loans often charge fees of $15 per $100 borrowed. That’s an APR of over 400% for a two-week loan! 

To make matters worse, payday loans often come with a bunch of other details hidden in the fine print, some of which may include the following: 

  • High fees and penalties that inflate the cost of the loan 
  • Short loan terms that make it hard to get enough cash to repay the debt
  • Rollover periods that extend the length of your loan at a high price

But if you need cash now and you don’t know where to turn, what should you do? An Instacash cash advance from MoneyLion might just be the answer. 

What is Instacash?

Instacash is a short-term loan offered by MoneyLion as an alternative to predatory payday loans. Eligible borrowers can access up to $250 instantly, and they can put the money towards anything they want, whether that’s emergency expenses, a fun day out, or everyday purchases until the next payday. Plus, it’s available for no extra cost! 

What are the costs associated with Instacash?

Instacash offers two delivery schedules, including Standard and Turbo. With Standard delivery, you’ll receive your funds within twenty-four to forty-eight hours of being approved for Instacash. No matter which delivery option you select, the money will appear in your RoarMoney account, but with Turbo delivery, the funds will be deposited within minutes instead of hours. 

You can also deposit money into external accounts, rather than a RoarMoney account, at no extra cost. However, the time frame will be a bit longer, ranging anywhere from three to five days. If you pay the Turbo fee of $3.99 to receive money in your RoarMoney account, it’ll arrive in minutes, but for a $4.99 fee, the money will arrive within four hours to your external account.

What is the Instacash repayment process like?

Unlike other loans, Instacash requires no underwriting process or hard credit checks. And the repayment process is so easy that it’s literally automated. 

That’s right! After you receive your Instacash advance, MoneyLion will automatically withdraw the amount you borrowed from your RoarMoneySM account or linked external checking account to repay your cash advance. It’ll happen either after about two weeks or after your next direct deposit, whichever comes first!

How often can I borrow Instacash?

Once your Instacash is in your hands, you can’t borrow more Instacash until you’ve repaid your initial loan, even if you haven’t maxed out your permitted balance. But after you repay your cash advance in full, you can borrow as many times as you want to without causing any damage to your credit score! 

How much Instacash can I borrow?

First-time Instacash borrowers can access $50 upfront. And if MoneyLion’s scanner detects regular direct deposits into your checking account, you can borrow 15% of your anticipated deposit up to $250. 

But if you need larger loans till payday, you might want to consider signing up for a RoarMoney banking account for only $1 per month. By setting up automatic deposits and having them sent to your RoarMoney account, you can unlock up to 30% of your direct deposit amount for a maximum of $1,000. 

What makes Instacash special?

Instacash is a fast, safe, and convenient payday loan alternative. But that’s not all! Here are many reasons why Instacash is so special. 

No hard credit check

An Instacash advance doesn’t require a hard credit check, meaning applying for Instacash won’t hurt your credit score. Instead, MoneyLion will conduct a soft credit inquiry, which also won’t hurt your credit score one bit!

Zero paperwork

With an Instacash loan, there’s no need to fill out paperwork. Just sign up, link your checking account, and tap “Instacash” to get started!

Repeated uses

You can borrow from Instacash as often as you need to as long as you keep your account in good standing. Plus, it won’t pose any risks to your credit score! 

Quick payout

If you’re looking for an instant funding payday loan, Instacash is just the thing for you, all without those bloated fees or hidden fees in the fine print. With turbo payout options, you can secure money within minutes for as little as $3.99 per delivery. And if you don’t mind waiting between twenty-four and forty-eight hours, you can forgo the fees altogether and get your money within two days for free!

No monthly fees or high interest rates

Unlike payday loans, Instacash does not charge any monthly fees or interest rates. That means you can get up to $1,000 in cash for no additional costs.

Apply for Instacash in 4 easy steps

If you’re ready to get started with Instacash, you can apply in just four easy steps. 

1. Create an account

If you haven’t already, it’s time to create a MoneyLion account. The process is easy. You can either sign up online or download the app for your mobile device. 

2. Link your checking account to determine your eligibility

Before you can take out your first Instacash advance, you’ll need to link your checking account and verify that it’s yours by providing MoneyLion with your banking details. Make sure you link an account that meets the following requirements:

  • An active account that’s been open for at least two months
  • Proof of consistently positive account balances
  • Evidence of recent direct deposits as income

You can also sign up for a RoarMoney banking account and set up recurring direct deposits to unlock even more Instacash. 

3. Navigate to the Instacash menu

Once your bank details are in order, all you have to do is tap on the Instacash menu in your MoneyLion account. From there, simply request the amount of money you need. 

4. Get your cash!

All you have to do now is wait for your cash to arrive! 

Need more cash? Try a Credit Builder loan!

Taking out an instant payday loan online doesn’t have to be a hassle thanks to Instacash. But if you need access to even more money, you might want to consider a Credit Builder loan from MoneyLion, too. 

For just $19.99 per month, you’ll get to enjoy up to $1,000 in same-day funding, no hard credit checks, and competitive interest rates. Plus, you’ll boost your credit score in the process! 


Where can I borrow money ASAP?

MoneyLion offers a fast, safe, and convenient way to borrow money ASAP via Instacash.

Can you access funds immediately?

With Instacash’s Turbo option, you can get money within minutes. Otherwise, you’ll wait anywhere from one to five days before you can access your funds, though the exact time frame will depend on your deposit options.

Can I deposit a check via the MoneyLion app?

Yes, you can!

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