Plus power: Dorothy Z. is building her credit and savings

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Let the Plus community inspire you

We hope last week’s MoneyLion Plus profile of Robert F. motivated you to take small steps toward improving your financial health. Robert’s determination in all areas of his life certainly inspires us to make the most of every day.

Now for Plus power from Dorothy Z.

Dorothy is a hardworking mom of two who has a smile that could brighten even the gloomiest day. She has been using the free MoneyLion app for about a year to monitor her credit score and get personalized financial advice. Smart woman!

Let’s hear from Dorothy:

I enjoy the features and daily tips plus rewards!

I love MoneyLion. I have been using it for the last year and became a Plus member last month [December 2017]. I enjoy the features and daily tips plus rewards! ?

I was able to get the loan and start building my savings

I work full time and had been trying to come up with ways to get a little extra money around the holidays. And my car had just been in a bad accident, so I didn’t have much. I had been using MoneyLion mainly for tips and my credit score.

Then MoneyLion Plus became available and said I could get a $500 5.99% APR loan. I read over everything and it sounded good, so I became a Plus member and was able to get the loan and start saving more.

My goal is to save at least $1,000 this year

My goal for my Plus account is to save at least $1,000 this year. I am trying to put a little extra in my Plus account every time I get paid — more than my regular payments and the cashback I get. I plan on putting at least $10 in every time I get paid. If I can do more, I will.

I love that I receive money back

It has truly been a blessing, and I couldn’t ask for a better app. I love that I receive money back into my Plus account every day I sign in.

Invest in yourself too ?

We’re so glad Dorothy finds it easy to borrow and save with Plus. And we love that she uses the personalized financial tips, because we strive to provide the level of financial advice you would normally pay a financial advisor for.

Ready to get closer to your saving goals too? Start today with MoneyLion Plus or learn more in the MoneyLion app.


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