Teaching Your Smartphone To Save You Money

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At MoneyLion we’re always on the lookout for new and interesting ways to save money. With today’s technology, there are many free tools that can help do everything from compare prices in real time to alert you when your favorite items go on sale. There is an abundance of “deal” apps available right on your smart phones or tablet. These apps can help you save money and make smarter purchases. Check out our list below of the top apps that can help you save money and great deals 24/7! They’re arranged according to their rating on the iPhone App Store. Teaching your smartphone to save you money is easier than ever before.

Smoopa: Smoopa is a comparison app that enables shoppers to join together and help each other decide what a good price is for specific items. (5*/5)

Buyvia: Buyvia has a UPC and QR scanner that allows users to scan items and helps them find the lowest prices. Buyvia also has an alert function where users can choose to get alerts when prices of their favorite items fall. (5*/5)

Shop Advisor: Shop Advisor is an alert app that allows users to customize a WatchList that sends you notifications when the price is right. (4.5*/5)

RetailMeNot: RetailMeNot provides tons of online and in-store deals for restaurants and stores. RetailMeNot will also provide alerts based on your location. (4.5*/5)

The Coupons App: The Coupons App provides you with coupons in real time for gas stations, local restaurants and stores. This app also allows you to email coupon codes or share them with your network on Facebook. (4.5*/5)

Pricegrabber: Pricegrabber allows users to easily access product information, ratings, and compare prices. The search results can be sorted according to popularity, price or rating. (4.5*/5)

Groupon: Groupon provides users with amazing localized discounts daily. You can customize it to show what you’re interested in. The app tracks all purchased coupons and organizes them according to location and expiration date. (4.5*/5)

RedLaser: Redlaser has a barcode and QR scanner that displays the best prices for items as well as the closest store that it is available in. Redlaser also has a coupon function that allows users to search for deals at local stores and buy the product directly online from the Redlaser app. (4*/5)

Shopsavvy: Shopsavvy has a strong QR code and barcode reader that enables users to find the best prices available from both local and online stores. You can purchase items from online merchants right from the app of save it to buy online at a later time. Additionally Shopsavvy has a map function that will locate the closest stores with the lowest prices. (4*/5)

Amazon Price Check: Amazon Price Check allows you to upload a picture, scan the barcode of the product, use voice or text to search product descriptions, and gives you the lowest available prices and customer reviews from amazon.com and all of the merchants. (3.5*/5)

Key Ring: Key Ring allows you to store all of your loyalty cards virtually in one easy app. Say goodbye to your clunky keychain. (3*/5)

Living Social: Living Social is a great app that provides deals between 50% – 90% off in your city. When you refer three friends to get the same deal, you get yours for free! (3*/5)

Cellfire: Cellfire sends discounts to your loyalty card in real time and also has an alert feature that reminds you about coupons as you shop. (2*/5)

Decide: Decide gathers customer reviews and helps deem if a deal is worthwhile. With Decide, you can set alerts to track the prices of products that you’re most interested in.

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