Best Budget Apps: Which Is Perfect For You?


If you’re looking to get your personal finances under control, a budgeting app may be exactly what you need. Whether you want to track your spending, save for your dream wedding, budget out your vacations, or plan for retirement, there is a budgeting app that’s perfect for you. 

Most apps are for general budgeting and personal finances. Some offer unique tools that cater to specific needs. Keep reading to find out which app can help you become a budgeting superstar.


Perfect for Overall Budgeting and Tracking Your Spending

With Truebill, you can track your spending, manage subscriptions, and lower your bills. To get started, connect the app to your bank accounts and let Truebill get to work analyzing your accounts. You can track your spending, cancel subscriptions, create a budget, and set up automatic deposits into a savings account. 

Truebill offers a unique tool to lower your monthly bills. Their team negotiates with your bill providers to get you a better rate on bills for cable, cell phones, and internet. This app will help you know where your money is going and show you where you can be saving. 

Subscription Cost: Truebill is free with basic services. To get access to all of the features in the app, you can opt into a premium subscription where you get to pick your price. You can choose to spend anywhere between $3 and $12 per month, or you can choose an annual plan for a one-time payment of either $36 or $48. 


Perfect for Budgeting on Vacation

This app is perfect for budgeting on vacation. Wally is a money organizer that tracks your spending per day by category so you can monitor your vacation expenses in real-time. It will even convert currencies within the app. 

What makes Wally unique is it allows you to use private groups for traveling with friends or family. You can manage trip-related spending, add reminders, write notes, create lists, and interact with others in the group. To get started, sign up for free by downloading the Wally app from your app store. Link your bank accounts and let the app do the rest. 

Subscription Cost: Wally is free with limited features. To get full access, you can purchase Wally Gold for $4.49 per month or $35.99 a year. The app also offers a lifetime subscription for $47.99 a month, but they are currently offering users a lifetime subscription for $19.99. 


Perfect for Overall Budgeting and Tracking Your Spending

Mint is a powerhouse when it comes to your overall finances. Mint helps you check balances, create budgets, monitor your credit, and create financial goals. You can connect your bank accounts, credit cards, loans, investments, and more with Mint. 

This app is perfect for anyone looking to take total control of their finances. All you have to do to get started is sign up online or download the app on your phone before signing up on the app directly. 

Subscription Cost: Mint is totally free. You get access to all features of the app and there are no hidden fees. Connect your mortgages, credit cards, and all bank accounts. You can even track your spending and receive bill reminder notifications.


Perfect for Parents on a Tight Budget

EveryDollar gives you an understanding of where your dollars are going. This app will help you track spending, pay off debt, save, and create financial goals. It also shows you how to budget for unexpected costs, making it a great app for parents who need to be ready for life’s hiccups. You can sign up for free online or by downloading the app on your phone. 

Subscription Cost: The basic plan of EveryDollar is free to use. If you’d like access to everything the app offers, the full-access version of the app is $99 per year.


Perfect for Saving for Retirement and Investment-Focused Budgeters

This app is great for investment monitoring and retirement goal-tracking in addition to the perks of a typical budgeting app. MoneyLion offers features within the app like RoarMoney, which allows you to get your paychecks up to two days early. 

Track spending and earn rewards on your everyday purchases. You will have access to information about how to easily save, borrow, and invest as well. 

This app makes it super easy to track your cash flow month-to-month as well as meet your long-term and retirement goals. You’ll have access to a fully-managed investment portfolio and an auto-investing tool. Take the worry out of growing your retirement by signing up online or by downloading the app. 

Subscription Cost: The app is free to download. It comes with a $1 administrative fee connected to your RoarMoney account. If you want to work with investment advisors, you can open a managed investment account. There is a $1 administrative fee and a $0.25 ACH withdrawal fee for managed investment accounts.


Perfect for Engaged Couples Planning a Wedding

WeddingHappy is the ultimate wedding budgeting app. This app tracks your budgets, lets you create to-do lists, categorizes vendors, and sends emails to your wedding party. You’ll also get notifications for important tasks and key dates. A spending summary helps you track how much you’ve spent and keeps you aware of how much money is left in your budget. 

With the payment tracking tab, you can keep organized and ensure your bills get paid on time. To get started, download the app on your smartphone, fill out a questionnaire, and start tackling your wedding goals. 

Subscription Cost: All features of the app are free to use. This includes creating budgets, tracking expenses, notifying your wedding party, and getting notifications to pay bills.


Perfect for Couples 

Honeydue is one of the best budgeting apps for couples. The app links to your bank accounts and tracks spending, loans, and investments. It tracks your and your spouse’s spending all in one place. 

Whether the accounts are separate or joint, all you have to do is link your credit cards and bank accounts. Honeydue does the rest. The app also lets you coordinate bills and make comments on transactions. You can sign up by downloading the app to your mobile devices.

Subscription Cost: Honeydue is free to use and the app gives you immediate access to all of the app’s features. Link to loans, connect your investments, track your spending, and create budgets. You’ll get a total overview of individual and joint accounts as well. 


Perfect for Short-Term Budget Tracking

Fudget is a super simple way to track your spending. With this low-tech app you enter all your spending manually, so you never have to link your bank accounts. A great option especially for short-term spending, like around the holidays, or on vacation. To get started, download the Fuget app for free on your mobile device. 

Subscription Cost: This app is totally free to use and download.

Budget into your best life

With so many budgeting apps to choose from, what’s stopping you from starting today? Budgeting apps help you track your finances from the palm of your hand. 

While most apps are for general use, there are apps out there with unique features that could be perfect for you. That’s why it’s important to weigh your options before deciding on a budgeting app.

Getting an overall picture of what you’re earning and spending can help prepare you for whatever life throws your way. Pick the app that suits you best and get to budgeting! 

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