How To Get Money In Your Bank Account Fast

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How to get money into your bank account fast

Wondering how to get money in your bank account fast? Maybe you’ve had a sudden emergency or you’re behind on a due date. The good news is that there are safe ways to get quick cash. And no, you don’t need to settle for pricey, dangerous payday loans. 

We’ll go over how to get money in your bank account fast and painlessly. Take a look at our top tips!

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace can be a great way to sell off some of your items and bring in some extra cash. You can sell used clothing, furniture, or anything else of value. 

Facebook marketplace also features a ton of free and low-cost items. You could find something you need being offered for little to nothing. Say, you’re handy with furniture, you could even try refurbishing used pieces and reselling them for a profit. 

Freelance jobs

The gig economy is on the rise. There are plenty of opportunities to find one-time, paid work. You could deliver food for an online delivery company like UberEats, DoorDash, or Seamless. If you have access to a car, you could drive for a ride-hailing company like Uber, Lyft, or Juno. 

TaskRabbit is another online resource for one-time paid gigs. You could find work for everyday tasks like cleaning, moving, or even handyman work. 

Resale apps 

If you have extra clothing sitting around in your closet and you know you’re probably not going to wear it again – consider selling it on either Poshmark or Vinted. If you need cash fast, you’ll have to contend with asking a low price in order to sell pieces fast. 

Rent out your car or home 

If you have an extra bedroom or pull-out couch in your home, you might want to consider renting out the space to travelers on sites like airbnb or Couchsurfing. 

In case you’re not comfortable with guests staying over, you could always take on someone’s extra storage. Sites like Stache, Clutter, and Neighbor offer peer-to-peer storage services. 

Another profitable idea is to rent out your vehicle to a peer-to-peer car sharing company like Turo. 

Pocket more cash the MoneyLion way

MoneyLion, a leader in smart banking, goes beyond traditional banking to offer products and resources for every American. MoneyLion helps customers save money, earn cash on everyday spending, borrow, and invest. 

A MoneyLion account is one of the options for how to get cash in your bank account fast. Take a look at some top banking products. 

RoarMoney Account

If your bank is eating up too much of your money with fees and other expenses – you’ll be relieved to know that a bank account with RoarMoney comes with no hidden fees. For only $1 a month, you won’t be charged for overdrafts and there’s no minimum balance required. 

You will gain access to over 55,000 ATMs at no fee, weekly spending reports, budget tracking tools, and cashback rewards. 


Instacash allows you to get access to an influx of cash whenever and wherever you need it. You can access up to $250 at 0% APR. That’s right, unlike expensive payday loans, Instacash offers no interest cash advances at no monthly cost. You also won’t have to worry about your credit score because there’s no credit check. 

Your funds will deposit in 12 – 48 hours into your RoarMoney account and within 3 – 5 business days into an external bank account. If you want to receive your cash almost instantly, there’s an additional fee of $3.99 for RoarMoney users and $4.99 for external bank accounts. 

Credit Builder Loan

MoneyLion’s Credit Builder Plus membership can help you access a larger amount of cash even if you have bad or no credit. This powerful membership for only $19.99/month features a low-APR and no credit check. In fact, it’s designed to help people boost their credit score with consistent, timely payments. 

Many users even qualify for same-day funding once they’ve been approved. MoneyLion’s Credit Builder Plus membership can be used to pay off an unexpected expense or even high-interest loans or credit cards. 

Early payday 

Tired of waiting for payday to finally arrive? When you connect direct deposits to your RoarMoney bank account, you could get your paycheck up to two days early!

Cashback rewards

MoneyLion offers a top-tier cashback rewards program when you shop with top online merchants. You’ll also be able to access cashback rewards on everyday purchases with Shake ‘N’ Bank. Just remember to shake your phone whenever you make a purchase of $10 or more and you’ll get cash!

Price protection

Whenever you shop from your RoarMoney account, know that you’ll receive price protection as a bonus. If you bought an eligible item and notice it’s selling for less within 90 days of your purchase, you’ll be able to receive a refund for the difference!

Passive income investment account

Investing is not a get rich quick scheme. Instead, it can be a great way to maximize your savings for future goals or even a rainy day. MoneyLion offers personalized investment portfolios with no minimum requirements at only $1/month. 

You can pick your investment strategy based on your personal financial situation and risk preference. As you watch your savings grow, know that you can access your money hassle-free. Just simply transfer the funds from your MoneyLion investment account to another account and they’ll arrive in 7-10 days.

Get refunded on your bank and credit card fees

Traditional banks and credit card companies are notorious for charging excessive fees. Which is why MoneyLion is partnering with Cushion – an online service that automatically negotiates and refunds your banking fees. 

At MoneyLion, we’re keen on helping you keep more money in your pocket – and making that money work for you!

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