How To Make An Extra $500 a Month In College

how to make 500 extra a month

Working full-time in college is nearly impossible. Class time and hours of homework take up the majority of your time, yet you might still have to pay for the basics, like food and rent. 

In order to survive, you’ll likely need to make more than minimum wage, too. But college keeps you so busy that it’s no wonder why college students live off of Top Ramen.

If you would like to supplement your lifestyle with more money and you are curious about how to make an extra $500 a month, here are nine side gigs that can make you some good money!

1. Write an eBook

There are millions and millions of products on Amazon. Nearly every product on the platform has been purchased at least once. 

Write a book at no charge to you using Amazon’s service called Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). You can write and publish your book without having to pay any upfront costs. 

Keep in mind the fact that Amazon will take a portion of your sales because they are the publisher, but you’ll still make a decent profit. Authors can make royalties up to 70% on all sales.

Requirements: All you need is access to Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or Apple Pages. You must create an account with both Amazon and KDP. Once your accounts are set up, you are all set.

2. Tutor

You are in college, right? Then you are in the process of completing higher levels of education! 

And guess what? There is someone out there who would love to learn what you already know. Become a tutor and get paid to share what you have learned in school. Afterall, teaching is one of the best ways to learn and retain information yourself!

On average, tutors can make upwords of $18 an hour.. After 28 hours of tutoring, you’ll have $500 in your pocket.

Finding a job as a tutor is an easy feat. Check out the job boards at your school, or apply to tutor online at Preply. You can teach anytime and anywhere when you opt into online tutoring. 

Requirements: You will need a laptop or desktop with an internet connection, a webcam, and a microphone. Choose a subject matter that you are knowledgeable about so that you can relay your wisdom onto fellow students. .

3. Sell retail arbitrage

Have you ever noticed that items are priced differently depending on the store? The same item can be really cheap at one store but more expensive at another. 

This is an opportunity for you to sell products online on websites like Amazon, Craigslist, and Ebay. In order to start this side gig, you’ll need to already have extra cash in order to buy the item you plan to resell but it’s a worthwhile investment! You’ll eventually make your money back after making sales online.

There are sellers who resell products online as a full-time job and it makes them decent money. As a part-time seller, you’ll make $500, no problem. 

Requirements: An internet connection is necessary. You’ll also need to have some time that you can devote to finding products that you can sell online. Unfortunately, you will have to hunt down these products, but it can be a very lucrative process once you know what you’re doing. 

4. Look into affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is an incredible way to make $500 extra a month. The hardest part is getting an audience to follow you. Once you have the following, you can start implementing affiliate links as a way of receiving compensation. 

If you have a social media account with 1,000 followers or more, then you are in good shape. Simply share a link with your followers and hype up the product you’ve linked. Whenever one of your followers completes a sale using your link, you’ll receive a portion of the sale. Different companies offer different affiliate rates, but check out Shareasale to understand affiliate marketing a little better.

Requirements: Have a following, or gain a following. The larger your audience, the greater your potential for more sales. You will also need an internet connection in order to post on social media, write blog posts, or send messages to your followers. 

5. Become a Pinterest assistant

Pinterest is one of the best tools to find recipes, workouts, or DIY ideas. But behind the scenes, there are businesses that upload all of the pins that you see. 

Not every business has the time to create, upload, and publish Pinterest pins on their own. That’s where you come in! Become a Pinterest assistant for businesses that need help. 

If you have a keen eye for content creation and you know how to capture the attention of Pinterest users, then this can be a great side gig for you! Becoming a Pinterest assistant is amazing because you can work directly from your phone.

Pinterest assistants can make up to $60 per hour. In eight hours alone, you’ll have already earned $500 as a Pinterest assistant.

Requirements: A smartphone, a computer, an internet connection, and Pinterest knowledge are essential.

6. Work as a cleaner

Work on the weekends as a house cleaner. Many people love to pay for a nice deep clean of their home once a month, and they pay their cleaners very well. 

The average house cleaner can make upwards of $150 per single family home. If you have time to clean at least three houses over the weekend, then you are already looking at about $450 depending on the size of the job.

Requirements: It’s important to have your own cleaning supplies like a vacuum, broom, mop, rubber gloves, toilet brush, toilet bowl cleaner, glass cleaner, and towels. You’ll also need reliable transportation that can get you to and from the houses you’ll be cleaning.   

7. Rent out your car

The majority of school courses take place online now, which gets rid of the need to attend scohol in-person. As a college student, even if your classes do require physical attendance, it’s highly likely that you live on campus and can easily walk to your classes, rendering your car almost unnecessary at times. 

A company called Turo makes it possible for the everyday car owner to rent out their car on the days you don’t need it. The average Turo host makes about $500 per month. This is an amazing opportunity that might just help you pay off your car over time!

Requirements: You will need a car, updated insurance, and valid registration. You’ll also need to apply with Turo and be accepted before you can begin renting out your car.

8. Make money as a weekend mover

Most people move on the weekends and that means there plenty of opportunities to snag a gig as a part-time mover. Movers will often make around $17 to $20 per hour. Most of your work hours are spent driving people’s personal belongings from one city to another. Becoming a mover will require a lot of physical labor on your end, but since when is that a bad thing? You’ll get stronger and wealthier all at once! 

Requirements: You must be free on weekends and able to lift heavy items.

9. Caddie

Whether or not you like golf, becoming a caddie is an excellent idea. As a caddie, you’ll improve your cardiovascular health because your job entails a lot of time on your feet and walking around the golf course. Caddies are paid in a similar way to waitresses, meaning the majority of your pay will come from tips.

To become a caddie, all you have to do is be willing to hold a golf bag or two for a few hours while walking around outside. As a caddie, you will earn roughly $120 per match, but the exact pay depends on how well the golfer tips you. 

And who knows? You might just meet some new people and network with golfers who can help you land a high-paying job straight out of college. 

Requirements: Understand the game of golf. Many golfers will turn to the caddie for help with decisions like which club to use.

What will you do with an extra $500 per month?

Many of us are looking for some extra cash here and there, especially college students. Get creative and think outside of the box or typically working hours. From remote work or one of the side gigs we’ve mentioned, adding an extra $500 to your monthly income can be simple!

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