3 new ways to boost your money life with RoarMoney


You asked, we listened! RoarMoney just added 3 new features to help you move money faster! Now you can add funds, transfer and send money in minutes with little to no fees*.

Feature 1: Turbo Transfers:
Unexpected expenses inevitably come up, and you may need the funds in your RoarMoney account transferred out quickly. Turbo Transfer allows you to withdraw your funds to an external debit card in minutes* to help bridge a cash-flow gap in a pinch.

How to initiate a Turbo Transfer:

  1. Click “Withdraw” on your account dashboard
  2. Select the eligible external debit card that has the Turbo banner
  3. Enter the desired amount to transfer 
  4. Review the confirmation page and confirm all the information is correct 
  5. Click “Transfer” and you’re all set!

Your transferred funds will be available in your external account in minutes**.

Feature 2: Auto Deposit

Not ready to set up your Direct Deposit? With Auto Deposit you’re able to add funds to your account on a custom schedule, allowing you to continue using your RoarMoney account without worrying about your balance running low.

How to set up Auto Deposit:

  1. From your RoarMoney account dashboard click “More” and select “Auto Deposit”
  2. Enter your desired amount and set your transfer schedule by customizing the date you want added (could be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly — whatever works for you).
  3. Select the bank account you want to transfer from
  4. Confirm your transfer details, and you’re all set!

Feature 3: MoneyLion Pay: 

Send & Receive money anytime, anywhere for free*. It’s easy to use and takes the stress out of splitting bills or paying friends, all you need is your friends $RoarTag. Once the payment is sent, the funds land right in your friend’s RoarMoney account instantly.

How to pay a friend:

  1. From your RoarMoney account dashboard click “Pay” 
  2. Search the recipients $RoarTag, Name or Phone
  3. Confirm your send details, and you’re all set! 

Utilize these features next time you’re moving your money and experience the increased speed of your RoarMoney account.

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