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Premium content to move your money life forward.

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Money Shortcuts

Discover side hustles, hidden money hacks, and learn how to master your finances in 15 min or less.


“Ask Me Anything” Live

What exactly is a 401k and do you need one? Our money gurus are here to answer your questions live, every week.


Money Academy live

The money education they should’ve taught you in school. Become financially fit with essential skill building courses.

The WOW Factor

Be ready to celebrate your money wins every week with member-only swag drops!


Personalized credit building.

Your credit score represents your financial power. Let us help you make this important number work FOR you, not against you. Nearly half our Credit Builder Plus members boosted their credit score by 31 points within 60 days1.


Invest in your future, your way.

Investing is a marathon, and we’re here to guide you. Start building your own portfolio with as little as $5, explore over 600 stocks & ETFs with commission-free investing.



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