Curious how to get a personal loan with no credit check? We got you.

With Credit Builder Plus, you can get funds today while building credit and savings for tomorrow. No credit check needed.

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Personal loans no credit check

Cash or credit?
Both, actually.

The right personal loan with no credit check can improve your short-term and long-term financial health by giving you funds today while also helping you build credit and save.

With MoneyLion, you can get a bank loan without credit checks by joining our Credit Builder Plus membership, which includes access to a credit builder loan up to $1,000. And unlike with most credit builder loans, you’ll get some of your loan funds right away to help with your short-term needs — while also setting aside savings and building credit.

Improving your credit score is highly beneficial if you plan on renting an apartment, buying a car, qualifying for a mortgage, or applying for any kind of credit or loan. Plain and simple, having good credit makes borrowing money easier and cheaper.

At MoneyLion, we want to help as many people as possible improve their credit, so our personal loan with no credit check is open to all credit types.

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How to get personal loans with no credit check

If you’re looking for online personal loans (no credit check), you’re in the right place. We can hook you up in a few simple steps. Just follow our simple instructions below to unlock a proven plan to build your credit with a loan up to $1,000.

Step 1:

Create a
MoneyLion account

Set up an account using your full name and primary email address here or in the MoneyLion app.

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step 2

Step 2:

Apply for Credit Builder Plus Membership

Select Credit Builder Plus from our menu of products and follow the steps to apply. There’s no credit check; simply link your primary checking account. We’ll securely scan your account to ensure it meets these minimum requirements:

  • Detectable income with recurring deposits
  • Account open for at least 60 days
  • Positive account balance and active transaction history

If you are approved for membership, you will unlock all of this for $19.99/month:

  • Personal loan up to $1,000 with a competitive APR
  • Credit reporting to all three credit bureaus to build your positive payment history
  • Credit monitoring and weekly updates on your credit score and credit factors
  • 0% APR Instacash cash advances
  • Lion’s Share Rewards: members-only cashback loyalty program

Step 3:

Accept Your Loan Offer

Based on financial details in your linked account, your online personal loan will be broken into two parts:

  • Funds you receive the day you’re approved
  • Funds you’ll get when you pay off your loan in full
step 3
account history

The healthier your account history is, the more of your personal loan you will receive up front. The portion that you don’t receive right away will be saved for you in an interest-earning Credit Reserve Account in your name, and you’ll get it about 10 days after you pay off your loan.

For example, you may be approved for a $1,000 loan, with $600 received today and $400 saved for you until you’ve made 12 months of payments and paid off the $1,000 loan. It’s an amazing way to get cash and save with an online personal loan designed to build credit.

Improve your credit score with MoneyLion

On-time payments are crucial when improving your credit score, and MoneyLion makes it easy!

Credit Builder Plus helps you build credit with a small personal loan. We’ll report your payments to all three credit bureaus — TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax — to build your positive payment history, which accounts for 35% of your FICO credit score.

Also, to make paying on time a breeze, we can schedule your automatic loan payments to sync with your pay schedule. With our proven system, the majority of members improve their credit score by 27 points within their first 60 days.

Learn more about how to get no credit check loans online here.

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Credit Climber Spotlight

Restore your credit score

Very reliable, never have any problems
“Very reliable, never have any problems. MoneyLion has been helping me with my credit score little by little; and it’s out of 
sight out of mind. Recommend if you're 
trying to build credit and if you need a quick payday advance.”

Lil’ M

Awesome way to build credit
“Awesome way to build credit and get money when you need it for an emergency.”

Sonya G.

Helps build your credit
“Helps build your credit by holding a majority of your loan in escrow to maintain perfect utilization of your credit line and reports weekly to creditors. Also, Instacash loans are 0% APR. You only pay whatever tip you can afford. The best "payday loan" type app EVER.”

John B.
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Track Your Credit Score and Progress

Along with monthly credit reporting, the membership includes credit monitoring, so you can view your credit score in the MoneyLion app anytime and track your progress. Your credit monitoring dashboard gives you key details on your credit age, credit inquiries, credit utilization, and other factors.

As a Credit Builder Plus member, you’ll also receive summary emails with insights and advice on your credit health and progress.

The higher your credit score climbs, the more you can save on interest when you borrow. And the easier it can be to achieve your goals of buying a car, securing an apartment, and affording other milestone purchases.

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Get your Lion’s Share of cashback

Credit Builder Plus members are automatically enrolled in our Lion’s Share Loyalty Program where they can earn a monthly payout reward. It’s even possible to recoup your full $19.99 membership fee every month!

Earning Lion’s Share cashback payouts requires that you have our RoarMoney mobile banking account and MoneyLion Investment Account.

Your monthly cash payout will be based on your level of engagement, so the more days you log into the app and use your RoarMoney account for purchases, the more you can earn.

If you are highly active with your membership, you could earn your full membership fee back! Learn more here.