5 gift ideas that cost next to nothing – and may earn you some cash

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Wondering how you’ll afford presents for the whole squad? Secretly ranking friends and family to see whom you can cross off your list? Before you give anyone the axe, check out these DIY gifts to suit even the tightest budget. You might even discover a new source of income!

  1. Package treats in a jar: Fill a mason jar with ingredients for hot chocolate, sugar cookies, five-bean soup, or another easy recipe and tie on a recipe card with a ribbon. Give some out at work to show your creativity and holiday spirit to the top dogs.
  2. Make sugar body scrub: Give a bath product that’s truly handcrafted and natural by making a soothing scrub of sugar and coconut oil (find recipes on Pinterest). If you devise something great, consider selling your scrubs online or at a craft fair to make extra money.
  3. Give your services: Does grandma’s dog need exercise? Know a mom who needs a break? Friends and family will love coupons for your babysitting, pet-sitting, and cleaning services. You may discover a new side hustle. Say you find walking dogs enjoyable, you can start making extra money by offering a dog-walking service in your neighborhood.
  4. Make a scavenger hunt: Design a hunt that takes your bestie or significant other to special places from your relationship. Research has shown that shared experiences are much more memorable for both recipients and givers alike. People who are good at planning activities are also often hired for kids and grownup parties. If you uncover a new skill, consider designing custom scavenger hunts as a side gig.
  5. Take care of yourself: Your friends and family want you to be happy and healthy more than anything, so give yourself MoneyLion Credit Builder Plus this year. You’ll get access to 5.99% APR loans, zero-fee checking, Instacash advances, and a managed investment account. Mom will be proud, and you’ll have money for today while saving for tomorrow. Learn more.

If you’re looking for more DIY gift ideas, explore Pinterest’s selection of Easy DIY Gifts.


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