How To Get Cash From a Credit Card Without a PIN

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If you’ve ever found yourself in an emergency situation where you need cash, you’ll need to consider all options. Getting money from your credit card, also known as a cash advance, is one solution in this scenario. 

Let’s say you don’t have access to your PIN number. Maybe you forgot or never set it up. While you need the PIN to withdraw from an ATM, there are still other ways to get cash from your credit card. Let’s explore how to get cash from a credit card without a PIN below.

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Can you use a credit card without a PIN?

You might not have your PIN number, but you can still use your credit card without it. Most point-of-sale machines offer contactless pay options where you can wave your card next to the reader. 

Contactless pay options allow you to complete your transaction without inserting your card into the machine. Similarly, there are options to pay from your phone. Apps like Apple and Google Pay allow you to use your phone at the card reader by simply scanning it across the card reader. 

You typically need to unlock your phone to use this feature in this scenario. If you have Face ID or a passcode enabled, you will need to use either to complete the transaction. Technology has added to the convenience of using your card quickly and with little hassle. 

Can I withdraw cash from an ATM without a PIN?

If you need to withdraw cash from an ATM, you must use a PIN. This added security feature ensures that someone cannot access your account if they find your lost card somewhere. 

How to withdraw money from a credit card without a PIN

Sometimes you can use a pay code-enabled ATM to withdraw money from a credit card without a PIN. If this option is available, you can use your card from your mobile app, prompting a QR code for you to scan at the ATM, allowing you to withdraw cash without a PIN. This nifty feature may or may not be available with your card issuer; verify with them before attempting. 

How to get a cash advance on a credit card without a PIN

Need a cash advance but don’t have your PIN – not to worry. Remember that cash advances have limits depending on your card and the associated fees, so verify this information before completing the cash advance. Once you confirm this information, there are a few ways to get your cash advance without a PIN.  

1. Head to the bank

You can go directly to your bank and ask for a cash advance. You will usually need to go to the teller and present your card and ID. Using this, they will be able to complete the cash advance and get you your cash.  

2. Consider using a check

Your credit card company might issue checks automatically when you open your credit card. These checks can be used to get cash from your credit card. You can write the check out for the amount you need, within your limits, and cash it or deposit it into your bank account. If your credit card company did not send them automatically, you could always request them to be mailed, although it could take a few days. 

3. Digital payment service

Digital payment services like Venmo and PayPal are great ways to get a cash advance without a pin. Link your credit card to your digital account, and the funds will transfer there automatically. Now you have the funds on hand without the need to withdraw and deposit any cash.

What to do if you forgot your credit card PIN

While all these ways of withdrawing cash without a PIN are available, you should still try to get your PIN number for future transactions. Here are the easy steps to take to get your credit card PIN.

Log onto your online banking portal

Log on to your online banking account with your credit card company. There is likely an option to request a new PIN number. You will need some identifying information such as your credit card CVV, expiration, and in some cases, your full card number. Depending on your bank, you could have the new PIN instantly, or it could be mailed to you.  

Call your credit card issuer

You can call your credit card issuer directly to have them send you a new PIN. The process is relatively simple. First, contact customer service; this number can be found online or on the back of your card, and let them know you need a new PIN number. Your credit card company will ask questions to verify your identity and protect your account. Be prepared with either your credit card number or other identifying information. Then, they will issue a PIN via mail. Expect it to take 7-10 days, but it could come sooner. 

No PIN, no problem 

Don’t have your PIN? Don’t worry; there are still ways to get cash from your credit card without it. First, when considering a cash advance, ensure you know the fees and your cash advance limit. 

From there, you can enter the branch associated with your account, use a digital payment service, or even write a check. Finally, call your card company or request one online if you still want a PIN. One little setback doesn’t have to stop you from getting your hands on cash in a time of need.


How can I pull money from my credit card?

You can get cash from your credit card by completing a cash advance. Keep in mind cash advances have different fees and rates than when using it for standard purchases.

Can you use a credit card at an ATM if it doesn’t have a PIN?

No, but you can go into the branch and request a cash advance from your card.

Do cash advances on credit cards hurt your credit score?

Not directly.  A cash advance does increase your credit card utilization and have higher fees which could make it harder to pay off your card, ultimately affecting your credit score if not maintained.

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