LaKenya Hill

LaKenya is a freelance content writer and full-time Ph.D. student in Michigan. She has experience writing for StockX and uses her interest in business and accounting to contribute to her MoneyLion publications. In her spare time, she enjoys practicing and teaching yoga, spending time with her family, and working as a full-time therapist.

Stories by LaKenya Hill

Land loans
A simple guide to understanding land loans

Homeownership is one way to own property, but have you ever considered owning land? It sounds intimidating, but once you understand what type…

Business loans for bad credit
How to get business loans for bad credit

A business loan can be an essential step in advancing your business. But unfortunately, bad credit can be a barrier to getting the…

Do you have to claim student loans on taxes
Do you have to claim student loans on taxes?

Education data has suggested that the total student loan debt is equivalent to about $1.75 trillion in the United States. If you are…

PTO vs vacation
Understanding PTO vs vacation

The benefits that a job offers to you are a literal benefit to accepting the job offer. When looking at potential employers, one…

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