LaKenya Hill

LaKenya is a freelance content writer and full-time Ph.D. student in Michigan. She has experience writing for StockX and uses her interest in business and accounting to contribute to her MoneyLion publications. In her spare time, she enjoys practicing and teaching yoga, spending time with her family, and working as a full-time therapist.

Stories by LaKenya Hill

Untitled design 2023 01 28T231043.842
How To Remove Closed Accounts From Credit Report

Your credit history lasts forever, but sometimes the type of credit you have doesn't or shouldn’t. A closed account can either be a…

Untitled design 2023 01 21T183256.660
How To Remove Charge-Off From Credit Report

Checking your credit report is a large part of maintaining your credit health. It might be tempting to avoid reviewing your report, especially…

Untitled design 2023 01 15T215124.632
How To Destroy A Metal Credit Card

There was a time when metal credit cards were highly exclusive and hard to get your hands on. Now, many credit card companies…

Untitled design 2023 01 15T214453.122
How Long To Keep Credit Card Statements

The conversation lately is about throwing everything away and living a minimalist lifestyle. While this is a good approach for material things, it…

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