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In search of a bright and stable financial future, millions of hardworking Americans are turning to MoneyLion to help them get there. MoneyLion is revolutionizing the way Americans bank, borrow, invest, and grow — all from a single app. And they’ve got customers’ backs — serving them 24/7 via phone, chat, and email. MoneyLion has helped customers save money, build credit and more. Want to know how MoneyLion can help you? We’ll cover some of the common reasons people switch to MoneyLion.

Banking with you in mind

Today’s consumer deserves a financial experience catered to their needs, and MoneyLion is that game-changing app. It shifts power to the consumer, meaning that MoneyLion only thrives if its customers succeed. Here’s how opening up a MoneyLion account can help you get ahead.

1. Banking that gives you cash back every time you swipe 

Getting a RoarMoneySM account is a great place to start. It unlocks a wide array of advantages and smart ways to bank. Like:

  •  Get paid up to two days early.  Do you have a paycheck coming but need cash ASAP to handle expenses? MoneyLion gives you access to your paycheck up to two days early when you set up a recurring direct deposit to RoarMoney.1 
  • Add check funds on the mobile app — whether you’re at home, at work or on the go.
  • Bank with a Safety Net. Because life happens, you deserve a way to cover its unexpected expenses and build for the future. Unlock up to $1,000 0% APR cash advances with recurring direct deposit to RoarMoney.2
  • Earn cashback rewards up to 5% on eligible purchases every day.3 In the app, you’ll find cashback offers from top online merchants — like Walgreens, Sam’s Club, Groupon, DoorDash, and more. When you see an offer that looks good to you, you can shop right in the app to earn cashback.
  • Build your tomorrow every time you swipe. At MoneyLion, cashback rewards are a bit different. Here, you can turn daily spending into investing in your future. That’s because when you earn cashback rewards with your RoarMoney mobile banking account, the cashback gets added to a professionally managed investment account — where you can withdraw it or let it grow. This way, our banking rewards help you turn everyday spending into future wealth. It’s our way of helping you do more with your money today and tomorrow.
  • Round up your spare change and invest it. Round ups are an easy way to make investing an automatic habit. It lets you put aside small amounts of money over time, without even thinking about it, and invest it in a MoneyLion Investment Account.4 Here’s how it works. For each eligible transaction you make with your MoneyLion Debit Mastercard® or RoarMoney virtual card, we’ll round up your purchase to the nearest dollar and transfer the rounded-up amount into your MoneyLion Investment Account. You might be surprised how investing even small amounts can really add up over time. 
  • Round up your spare change and buy Bitcoin. You can also round up your purchases to buy Bitcoin — it’s another popular way to help build future wealth. For each eligible transaction you make with your MoneyLion Debit Mastercard® or RoarMoney virtual card, we’ll round up your purchase to the nearest dollar and use the rounded-up amount to purchase Bitcoin in a MoneyLion Crypto Account. It’s a great way to start small with crypto and grow with confidence.
  • Get Mastercard Price Protection on large purchases. The MoneyLion Debit Mastercard® comes with Price Protection, so if you find a lower price within 90 days of an eligible purchase, you can get a refund for the difference up to $250 per claim, four times per year.5
  • Shake your phone for cash back. You can get cash rewards every time you spend $10 or more — just by shaking your phone — with Shake ‘N’ Bank. It’s a surprise every time. To make things even better, you can earn up to five times the value of your purchase every day, all the way up to $500. 

2. Get up to $250 in extra cash when you need it 

Let’s face it; money can be tight these days. We’ve all been there. And when an unexpected expense hits, it can ruin your day. Your month. At MoneyLion, there’s no need for costly payday loans, which can approach a 400% annual percentage rate (APR). There’s another way. MoneyLion gives you access to fast cash up to $250 at 0% APR and no credit check. Increased limits up to $1,000 if you set up a recurring direct deposit to a RoarMoney account.

3. Get funds while you save and have the tools to build credit 

Whether you need to establish credit history or rebuild your credit, Credit Builder Plus could help you to build credit while you save — with no hard credit check.6  Unlike other credit building programs, Credit Builder Plus gives you access to a portion of your loan funds right away. More than half our members raise their score by 42+ points within 60 days.7

4. Invest like an expert without having to be one 

Start with as little as $5 and grow from there! All you need to do is choose one of MoneyLion’s professionally managed investment accounts — matching your risk tolerance and objectives.

You can also tap into thematic investing if you like, so you can put your money where your values are. Plus automated investing, which lets you set aside a set amount you can afford on your schedule (i.e., weekly, monthly, etc.). Bingo! Set it and forget it — while you live your life.

Unlike many mutual funds, MoneyLion does not charge high fees to provide you with these accounts. We only charge a $1/mo administrative fee. So many investing brokerages or platforms cost some people thousands of dollars through hidden fees. MoneyLion allows you to keep more money in your pocket — where it can help you grow your future. 

5. Easily buy, sell, and hold crypto

Now, you and every hard-working American can access cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum safely and seamlessly with a MoneyLion Crypto Account powered by Zero Hash. New to crypto? No problem. With just a tap, you can trade Bitcoin and Ethereum through the MoneyLion app when you have a RoarMoney account.

Did you know Bitcoin appreciated more than 278,000% over the past 10 years? People are capitalizing on the popularity of crypto to build their futures. And now, with a MoneyLion Crypto Account, you can too.

Be one of the millions who are joining the MoneyLion Pride!

MoneyLion is much more than just a banking app. It was founded on the belief that Americans deserve a great way to get ahead. And millions of customers are now banking while tapping into awesome ways to strengthen their financial health. Download the MoneyLion app to get started — and sign up for a RoarMoney account today! 

C’mon, let’s make your money ROAR. 


Q: How do I start earning cryptocurrency?

A: MoneyLion offers cryptocurrency investing, like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Our Round Ups feature allows you to purchase a little extra Bitcoin on qualifying purchases made with your MoneyLion Debit Mastercard® or RoarMoney virtual debit card.

Q: Can you get your paycheck early?

A: When you set up recurring direct deposit into your RoarMoneySM account, you can get paid up to two days early. Faster access to funds is based on a comparison of a paper check versus electronic Direct Deposit.

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