Your step-by-step​ guide to filing your taxes

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How To File Your Taxes

Although you should always consult a tax professional, here are three simple steps to prepare for tax season.

1. Collect all your tax documents

Look out for the following tax documents:

  • Employer docs (i.e., W2s)
  • Investment docs (i.e., different forms of 1099s)
  • Be sure to consult a tax professional on other forms you may need like mortgage interest statements or student loan interest statements.

2. Choose how to file

  • You may want to consider taking a DIY approach to your taxes by using an online tax preparation service. You can easily prepare your taxes from the comfort of your laptop or mobile device — while in bed. Who said tax season had to be stressful?
  • For more complex tax situations, it’s smart to speak with a tax specialist or CPA to help you through it.

3. Use your refund wisely

Common uses of tax refunds include paying down debt such as credit cards or loans. You can also use your tax refund to build your cash reserves for a rainy day fund.

4. Invest your tax refund

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Neither MoneyLion nor its affiliates are tax professionals. This advertisement should not be construed as tax advice. You should consult with an experienced tax professional should you have specific questions about your tax preparation strategy.

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