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Are you still using your parents’ bank account or just the closest institution to you? Times have changed, and what a bank can offer you has too. If you are looking for a bank that has all the latest features like checking account rewards, 0% APR cash advances, lending, investing, budget tracking, and more – MoneyLion might be for you. Take a look at how MoneyLion combines bank + technology to provide a banking service unlike any other. 

What To Look for in Bank + Technology Institutions

Advances in technology have improved many aspects of daily life, including how we bank and manage our money.

Mobile banking is now more accessible and secure than ever before. It’s easier to gain access to bonus features, and oftentimes fees can be lower compared to traditional banks. All in all, you shouldn’t settle for a traditional bank without exploring all the perks that bank + technology institutions have to offer. Read on to get an idea of the top perks you should be on the lookout for!

Top-of-the-Line Mobile App

A basic app that only lets you do the minimum just won’t cut it anymore. You should be able to conduct most, if not all, of your daily banking needs from the convenience of your mobile device. A mobile app should also be fast and easy-to-use, and keep your information secure. 

MoneyLion’s mobile app combines the best of bank + technology features. There’s so much more to explore on top of viewing your bank balance. Browse through articles, educational resources, loan offers, and more at the tip of your fingers. 

Curious to see for yourself? Download the MoneyLion app here

Fast Lending

When you’re borrowing money, you shouldn’t have to wait days or weeks for your money to arrive. One of the benefits that come with the MoneyLion mobile app is access to instant approval and funding. You can get up to a $250 cash advance with Instacash at 0% APR – with the highest amounts available when you connect direct deposits to your RoarMoney mobile banking account.

There are no monthly fees and no credit checks for Instacash, and you can pay the money back around when your next paycheck comes through. 

Sounds too good to be true? Read more about the very real perks of Instacash here

Virtual Debit Cards

There’s nothing worse than creating a new bank account and finding out you’ll need to wait several days before your debit card comes in the mail. When you sign up for a RoarMoney online bank account, you’ll have access to a virtual debit card immediately

You can use your virtual debit card to pay bills, make online purchases, and at any retail store where mobile payments are accepted. You’ll also receive a physical debit card in the mail in 10 or fewer business days with the same perks.  


Investing used to be geared toward to high-net-worth individuals only. But the best bank + technology institutions make investing easy, accessible, and affordable for everyone. Look out for investing apps that offer personalized portfolios, no minimum balances, and no asset-based management fees. You should also look into auto-investing tools.

Auto-investing tools let you set up automatic deposits into your investment account on a recurring frequency – helping you build up your savings faster. 

Whether you have $10 or $1,000 to start out with, your online bank should be able to meet your investing needs without requiring a separate app. MoneyLion’s managed portfolios check off the major boxes you should look for in an investment account for only $1/month, no matter how much or how little you choose to invest.

Read more about MoneyLion’s no management fee personalized investment portfolios here

Debit Card Rewards

Most credit cards today offer some kind of rewards. But with the high-interest rates credit cards charge, it’s often hard to see how you can benefit in the long run. Why not opt for a debit card that rewards you for using the money that’s already in your account? 

The MoneyLion app offers you cashback on everyday spending. You can access cashback from top online merchants, and you’ll also earn rewards just by shaking your phone! Yep, just remember to shake your phone whenever you make a purchase of $10 or more, and you’ll automatically earn rewards with Shake ‘N’ Bank!

Budget Tracking

One of the pillars of financial health is understanding your cash inflow and outflow, in other words – budgeting. The best mobile banking apps will help you create a budget and track your progress as you stick to that budget. 

MoneyLion’s mobile banking app comes with Financial Heartbeat, a unique feature that tracks your overall financial health. The Financial Heartbeat takes into account your overall financial picture and scores you points depending on how much you’re saving and spending. 

Read more about how Financial Heartbeat can help you stay motivated on the road to financial health here!

How to Get Started With RoarMoney

Ready to start working with a better bank with the latest technology? Follow these simple steps to get started!

  1. Download the MoneyLion app.
  2. Create a MoneyLion account using your email address. You’ll also have to input personal information like your Social Security number, address, and date of birth to verify your identity. 
  3. Select the RoarMoney banner to create your RoarMoney account!
  4. Link an external bank account to start depositing funds right away. You can even fund your account with Instacash. Make sure to also set up direct deposits to get your paycheck up to 2 days early!

How MoneyLion Combines the Best of Bank + Technology 

MoneyLion is always making advances in the mobile banking world and incorporating the latest technology. In short, MoneyLion goes above and beyond the traditional banking institution.

With instant no-fee cash advances, budget tracking tools, debit card rewards, investment portfolios, and so much more, MoneyLion makes sure you’re empowered to make your finances roar! 

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