Best Time of Year To Buy Stocks – Starter Guide For Newbie Investors

Best Time of Year to Buy Stocks

Wondering how to get started on your investment journey, but you’re not sure how to begin? Could there be a best time of year to buy stocks? Most think that investing requires you to put in full-time hours every day coupled with intuitive knowledge of when to buy or sell. While true, other forms of investing could be as easy as choosing your style of investment, amount, and letting the professionals do the rest. 

Unsure where you want to start? Continue reading our guide on how even the newest investor can get started today.

Best Time to Buy Stocks During the Day

While the perfect time of the day to buy a stock doesn’t exist, typically the first and last hour of the day any day is most volatile for trading. This could be good and bad. 

If you have the time, knowledge, and an active brokerage account, you could use this to your advantage. But, if you’re tight on time and cannot consistently study investing data, you might find yourself hesitating to buy and sell. Seasoned traders know this and capitalize on it, often leaving newbies in the dust of their swift decision making.

What is the Best Time of Year to Sell Stocks?

Knowing when to sell your stocks could be determined by different factors like growth stocks not growing, bad publicity surrounding the stock, or maybe you want to reinvest into another stock. This requires an effort every day to monitoring the market and know when to make fast moves. 

With a MoneyLion investment account, you can add funds or withdraw funds at any time, sell your stocks, and auto-invest into your portfolio.

What Type of Investor Are You?

Are you wanting to be a laid back investor that’s steady and calculated? Or would you like to take higher risks with potentially higher returns? MoneyLion’s fully managed balanced portfolios can do both and the in-between. Here’s the breakdown of our 7 types of investment strategies.


Are you looking for comfortable, slow, and consistent investment income? This steady strategy consists of all-bond ETFs and has minimal exposure to market volatility.


Maybe you want to protect your investments by investing in mostly bond ETFs, with a small contribution going towards equity stock ETFs. This strategy could bring you higher liquidity and targeted stability with potentially lower returns. 

Moderately Conservative

If you’re someone looking to protect your portfolio by heavily investing in bond ETFs, but you want to see growth through equity ETFs as well, a moderately conservative approach might be for you. Your potential return is higher than being conservative, but that could come with an increased risk.


Want to spread your investments evenly between bond ETFs and equity ETFs to reduce risk? With a small lean towards equities, you may see some volatility with this approach, but likely less than the overall market. This route could be the best option if you’re in pursuit of long-term growth.

Moderately Aggressive

Do you have a little bit of investment experience or maybe you’re wanting to start strong right out the gates? Take on some more risk with this approach that has a higher potential long-term return. This strategy leans more towards equity ETFs with a little mix of bond ETFs to help with extreme volatility.


If you’re a go-getter, an aggressive approach definitely has substantial risk in the name of maximizing returns. Heavily leveraging equity ETFs and around 20% committed to bond ETFs. You might experience some volatility, in the name of potentially higher long-term gains. 

Equity Only

For the ultimate risk-takers, if you have the budget and attitude to match, equity-only is for you. The equity-only strategy is perfect for those who aren’t afraid of taking on higher potential risks by investing in equity ETFs only. You might encounter the highest amount of volatility in pursuit of the highest long-term gains.

Diversify Your Investments

When you avoid having all your eggs in one basket, market fluctuations won’t wipe out your entire portfolio. We’ll handle the balancing of your stock investments with low-cost ETFs, which may include equity stocks and bond ETFs. 

Along with our partners, Wilshire Associations, we’ve created an effortless way for you to create a unique portfolio that caters to your comfort zone and risk tolerance. We aim to help members grow their money steadily over time while automating investing and decrease large portfolio swings. 

Invest In Your Interests

When it comes to investing, where you put your money matters. With our thematic investing strategies, you can put your hard-earned money into companies and products that matter to you.

Find out more about thematic investing here. 

Is It a Good Time to Invest?

You might be thinking, is this the right time to start investing? Rest assured, that you’re in the right hands when you invest with MoneyLion. On top of our advanced technology and modern approach to banking and investing, you’ll have access to our partnership and guidance from 30-year investment veteran, Wilshire Associates. 

Using your RoarMoney account you can track and monitor your financial heartbeat to determine if and when investing is right for you- for only $1/month!

Automate A Better Financial Future with Auto-Investing

Taking the first steps is the hardest part when you’re doing something new and out of your comfort zone. Put your mind at ease when you have access to MoneyLions expert advice on the hard stuff and set up auto-investing to effortlessly reach your goals. Before you know it, you’ll be investing like the pros! 

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