Budget App That Syncs with Your Bank Account


One of the most important steps to managing your finances is sitting down and creating a budget. Financial advisors charge their clients top dollar to do exactly that. But what if you could get help with budgeting for free? All it takes is downloading the best budget app that syncs with your bank account.

Ready to get started? We’ll go through how the MoneyLion app offers free budgeting help and a host of other financial tools. 

Discover RoarMoney

RoarMoney is an online bank account from MoneyLion that handles all of your banking needs. It’s 100% accessible online and through your mobile device. Like all the best banks, your RoarMoney checking account is FDIC-insured and covered up to $250,000. There are also a host of perks and benefits. 

Take a look at some of our favorite features.

  • Financial heartbeat: The best way to track the most important four areas of your financial health – your savings, spendings, insurance, and credit score. It’s an easy-to-use feature available on the MoneyLion app
  • Early Paycheck: Stop waiting around for your paycheck to deposit and get it up to two days earlier.* All you need to do is set up direct deposits to your RoarMoney checking account. 
  • No Minimum Balance: With RoarMoney, there is no required minimum balance to maintain an account. You also won’t be charged minimum balance fees, standard transfer fees, foreign transaction fees, stolen card fees, or any of the other pesky fees most traditional banks charge. 
  • Price Protection: When you buy something with your RoarMoney debit card, know that you’re guaranteed to get the best price. If you find a lower price within 90 days of the purchase date, you’ll be refunded for up to $250 of the difference.* 
  • Debit Card Rewards: Start earning cashback on everyday purchases from top online merchants by activating online deals in the MoneyLion app. MoneyLion will also give you cashback just for shaking your phone after using your MoneyLion Debit Mastercard! It’s called Shake ‘N’ Bank, and you can use it to earn money back after purchases of $10 or more.
  • Security: You can rest assured your money and personal information are always protected. MoneyLion offers multi-factor authentication, contactless payment, and other important security controls to protect you against fraud or in case your debit card gets lost. 
  • Spend Tracker Report: You can opt into weekly reports that outline your spending habits and divide them according to different categories. This can help you stay on top of your spending and how well you are keeping up with your budget. 

Budgeting Made Easy with Financial Heartbeat

Financial Heartbeat helps you monitor and manage your finances to ensure you’re on the right track towards financial health. It’s incredibly simple to use. All you need to do is open the MoneyLion app and swipe to the end until you see an animated heart. 

The heart displays your financial score which is calculated on a scale of 1.0 to 10.0 – 10.0 being a perfect score. Your score measures how well you’re performing across 4 key areas of financial health – Save, Spend, Shield, and Score. We’ll go over these 4 key areas and how Financial Heartbeat helps you track and boost them!


The save portion of the Financial Heartbeat shows your savings and investments and offers tips on how to improve in this area. It also displays how prepared you are to deal with unexpected expenses. 


The spending category shows your spending habits. It even allows you to add accounts to get a comprehensive view of all of your income and spending.


The strive icon gives you badges and points for logging in, maintaining certain habits, and taking positive financial steps. The goal is to keep you motivated to stick to your budget and financial goals!


The shield icon helps you measure how protected and prepared you are against an unexpected disaster. You can check boxes like health insurance, renter’s or homeowners insurance, auto insurance, and more to get an understanding of your insurance needs. 


This icon measures one of the most important metrics of financial health – your credit score. Your credit score helps determine everything from whether you can rent an apartment to buying a car. Want to improve your credit score while staying on budget? Upgrade to MoneyLion’s Credit Builder Plus membership. Most members raise their credit score by 60 points within the first 60 days!

A Bank That Goes Above and Beyond 

You shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your finances. In fact, you shouldn’t settle for average either! Get a bank that goes above and beyond. From helping you budget and monitor your finances, building up your credit score, and even getting interest-free, safe cash advances when you need them – MoneyLion does it all

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