Earn Cashback of the Month with Your MoneyLion Debit Mastercard®

We’re offering a new type of cashback on everyday purchases that puts money right back into your RoarMoneySM mobile banking account. More cashback? Yes, Please! 

It’s called Cashback of the Month, and here’s how it works: Each month, there will be a spending category in which you’ll earn cashback on all eligible purchases for the entire month, up to a specified amount. 

October 2020: Earn 2% cashback at gas and service stations

Earn 2% cashback at all gas stations and service stations for the month of October with your MoneyLion Debit Mastercard and your RoarMoney virtual card.

Whether you fill your tank, pick up snacks, or zip through the car wash, you’ll earn 2% cashback into your RoarMoney account every time — up to $25 cashback for the month. 

Nothing spooky about that!

November 2020: Cashback at ….

Stay tuned for November’s cashback category and cashback percentage!

We’ll update this page, add a mobile card to the MoneyLion app, and send you an email (if you have an account with us) each time we announce a new category and cashback %, so it’ll be easy to earn cashback with your debit card month after month.

Get your debit card ready to earn cashback

If you have a RoarMoney account, make sure you’ve added funds and activated your MoneyLion Debit Mastercard and RoarMoney virtual card in the Finances tab of the app. Learn more in our RoarMoney 101 blog post.

If you don’t have RoarMoney yet (gasp!), download the MoneyLion app and apply for an account in minutes. The perks don’t stop at cashback either. You’ll find early paydays1, robust security features, 55,000 no-fee ATMs2, a virtual debit card, and more for only $1 a month.

Double and Triple Your Cashback Rewards

This new debit card cashback complements our existing rewards programs, so you can potentially earn double and triple rewards. 

As always, any purchase of $10 or more is eligible for a Shake ‘N’ Bank cashback reward. So if you purchase gas in October, you’ll earn 2% cashback plus a Shake ‘N’ Bank cashback reward. 

You can also take advantage of Online Deals from top merchants offering cashback in the Rewards tab of the MoneyLion app. If you find an online merchant that matches one of the monthly cashback categories, you can further multiply your rewards.

Please note that rewards from Shake ‘N’ Bank and Online Deals are deposited into a fully managed MoneyLion Investment account and not your RoarMoney account. You can learn more about Shake ‘N’ Bank rewards here and Online Deals here.

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