How to Get Paid To Run Errands

get paid to run errands

Running errands can be a time-consuming and boring task. That’s why the demand for errand runners has increased significantly. Add the fact that high-risk individuals aren’t leaving their homes as much due to the coronavirus pandemic, and you have so many options to get paid to run errands. As long as there are errands to run, you’ll be making as much money as you want, whether it’s full-time or part-time depending on your schedule. 

1. Personal Assistant

For this gig, you’ll run personal errands and offer other personalized services to families and individuals alike. For instance, you could end up shopping, cleaning, dropping off packages at the post office, or driving their child to childcare. Advertise your services on Indeed, GoNannies, Simply Hired, or even to expand your reach. 

You could also offer virtual assistant services where you help online entrepreneurs or businesses with various errands and tasks. Some of these tasks can include making travel arrangements, scheduling appointments, managing calendars, answering phone calls, and returning voicemail messages. Find work on Upwork or Fiverr. You can make anywhere from $10 to $25 an hour. 

2. Local businesses

With more businesses utilizing delivery services, owners need a driver or team member who can take care of drop-offs or errands. Some businesses like restaurants opt-out of Doordash, UberEats, or similar platforms due to high fees. Or unauthorized discounts to customers.

Look for local restaurants, home improvement stores, or small businesses that are hiring in your area. You could also offer your services on GoShare which connects you to people who need help moving items. They handle payments, provide supplemental cargo insurance, and have a team of marketers who can help you bring in new customers. Depending on the size of your haul, you could make anywhere from $36 to $85 an hour. 

3. Food delivery services 

In today’s day and age, almost everyone is using convenient delivery services for food. There are a lot of options for side hustles in the food delivery arena. From delivering groceries to picking up meals or snacks from restaurants, here are some of your options:

  • Postmates: There are no fees or time commitments with Postmates. Sign up, go online when you want to make money, and keep 100% of the profit. You can earn between $18 to $20 an hour. New drivers can get a cash bonus of up to $1,000!
  • UberEats: Grab your car, bike, or scooter and start earning. You can make between $8 to $12 an hour, and there are no fees for signing up. UberEats even offers a sign-up bonus of up to $1,000 for new drivers.  
  • Grubhub: There are no sign-up fees with Grubhub. After you’re brought on board, you’ll receive an insulated bag in the mail for your deliveries. Then you’re ready to start earning. While Grubhub doesn’t usually offer new driver bonuses, you’ll get a $12 bonus whenever anyone signs up using your referral link. 
  • Shipt: You can earn $22 an hour or more shopping for Shipt members. You’ll be delivering fresh foods and household essentials right to their doors. There are no sign-up fees, and Shipt usually offers bonuses during holiday weekends, though the amount of the bonus varies. You can earn $10 for every new member that signs up using your referral code. 
  • Instacart: With Instacart, you’ll be fulfilling orders and delivering items from grocery stores. The amount you earn depends on the size of the order placed. Instacart guarantees earnings of $5 for each delivery-only order and $7-$10 for full-service orders, which require you to shop and deliver. There are no sign-up fees, and new drivers can earn up to a $1,000 bonus. If you share your referral link and someone who signs up using your link completes their first delivery, you get a $10 credit.

4. Personal concierge business

As a personal concierge, you’ll make arrangements and run errands. If you live in a big city or a vacation destination, this is a great option. Offer services catered to vacationers, luxury condo tenants, corporate events, or weddings. 

You’ll be responsible for making restaurant reservations, organizing services, and arranging events. Market yourself through word of mouth, social media platforms, or paid marketing. 

The annual pay is anywhere from $40,000 to $60,000 depending on how many clients you take on and the range of services you offer. You can take it a step further and get a personal concierge certification for $149.

5. Running errands for senior citizens

Make a difference in your community while making extra cash by getting a job running errands for the elderly. You can do basic errand-running, like shopping, picking up prescriptions, and taking pets to the vet. 

You could also build a full-service business where you provide rides to medical appointments and other places that an elderly person needs assistance going to. This is more of a niche demographic, and rates vary by region. You can expect to make between $20 to $30 an hour. 

The best advertising is word-of-mouth from a senior citizen you’re already helping. You can also advertise to health care agencies, nursing homes, and churches, or spread the word amongst your friends and family. If you want to learn more about how to get into this gig, be sure to check out Senior Errand.

6. Cannabis delivery

Cannabis legalization has become more widespread throughout America. Two-thirds of people support the legalization of marijuana, and 36 states have legalized medical marijuana. The industry growth means more drivers are needed. 

Responsibilities include delivering a wide variety of cannabis products to different addresses, following delivery driving routes, and managing your time based on a schedule. You’ll need a clean driving record to be considered for the position. 

Some states require you to have a dispensary agent card which can cost $150. To learn which states offer cannabis delivery services and understand the laws associated with delivering cannabis, check out this article. The average salary of a driver is around $30,000 annually. You can find cannabis delivery jobs on Zip Recruiter.

7. Drizly

Drizly is a liquor delivery service that works with local liquor retailers. You’ll be delivering liquor to various addresses in your area. Apply by using their driver job board to connect you with a Drizly partner in your area. 

You can also input your address online to see stores near you, and then you can go straight to the retailer yourself. You’ll need to be at least 21 years old and have a clean driving record. Depending on where you live, you can make anywhere from $20,000 to $43,000 annually. 

8. Home services and errands app

Some odd job apps out there, like Handy and TaskRabbit, let you earn cash for doing random jobs. You can build furniture, run errands, clean houses, fix household appliances, and so much more. TaskRabbit gives you the option to set your own hourly rate. 

Handy has multiple fixed-rate options depending on location. Your income depends on how much you work and what jobs you’re doing. Expect to make at least $15 an hour.

Run those errands

Running errands for others is a great way to help people in need and make extra cash in the process. Most delivery services have minimal requirements and offer you the chance to make $20 an hour. That can go a long way when it comes to achieving your financial goals. Take charge of your income, be in control of your schedule, and run those errands!

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