How Much Do Amazon Drivers Make? Earn Up to $20/hr with Amazon Flex

how much do amazon drivers make

With the increased popularity of online shopping and home deliveries, giant e-commerce companies like Amazon have advanced their delivery methods through independent drivers, also referred to as Amazon Flex drivers.

Amazon Flex is a delivery program that was launched by the online retailer in 2015. It allows for the delivery of more than 10 million products to customers’ doorsteps. While Amazon Flex is an expensive and labor-intensive method of delivery, it’s available to all Amazon customers, even those who make small purchases.

So, what are the important aspects of Amazon Flex, and how much do Amazon drivers make? Let’s take a deeper look.

How much can you make as an Amazon Flex driver?

Being an Amazon Flex driver is a great way to get money into your bank account fast.

The amount of money you can make as an Amazon Flex driver will depend on several factors, including your location and your availability. However, the standard rate is $18 to $25 per hour, according to the Amazon website.

While Amazon regularly hires independent drivers, your location will determine the number of drivers needed. Details on the hiring of drivers can be found in the local driving jobs section on the company’s website. 

You will first need to register as a driver and follow the steps described later in this article. From there, you can take delivery opportunities depending on your availability.

Drivers can choose to work full-time or part-time. Part of the requirements during registration involves indicating your availability — this information helps connect you with delivery gigs. 

Being an Amazon Flex driver is a great way to get money into your bank account fast.

Amazon Flex requirements

All Amazon Flex drivers have to meet a set of basic requirements.. Below are some notable requirements:

  • Car: You’ll need a car to qualify for any Amazon package delivery jobs. The vehicle should be a mid-sized sedan with at least four doors. It is better to have a bigger car because you can carry more packages, meaning more cash, but any reliable car that meets requirements is acceptable for Amazon Fresh and Prime Now. In all cases, you’ll have to own all information about the car’s registration and insurance.
  • Smartphone: You’ll need a smartphone to work as an Amazon Flex driver. The smartphone needs to have a camera to scan barcodes, as well as a GPS for deliveries. Such phones include iOS 11 (or higher), an iPhone 5S (or newer), or an Android 6 smartphone.
  • Background check: You’ll have to answer some identity questions before using the Amazon Flex App. The questions will ask about your driving history and past criminal records. The background check takes two to five business days to complete.

Apart from the above requirements, you need to be over 21 years old and have a valid driver’s license. 

How to apply for Amazon Flex

Getting started on Amazon Flex is easy and quick. Using your phone or computer, follow the steps below:

  1.  Answer the basic identity questions on the website.
  2. Download the Amazon Flex App through the link provided.
  3. Fill out the forms in the app.

After applying and being accepted as a driver for Amazon Flex, you can start scheduling your deliveries. You can do this in two ways:

  1. Claim your shift from the available opportunities in the app.
  2. Find delivery opportunities before your shift begins. You can find this on the “Available Blocks” section in the app.

Amazon Flex driver pay rate

According to Amazon Flex’s website, drivers can earn anywhere between $18 to $25 per hour during their shifts. As mentioned, many factors will influence the exact payment that drivers receive. The following tips can help you make greater returns from your Amazon local driving job:

  • Use a big vehicle to deliver more packages.
  • Work during busy times.
  • Deliver for Prime Now and Amazon Restaurant to get more tips.

It’s important to note that your location will also influence your pay. For example, the starting wage in San Francisco is $20 per hour while that of New York is $17 per hour. The distance between the depot and the delivery point will also affect your pay.

Amazon Flex drivers are also entitled to tips given by customers. As a driver, you can sue the company for failing to include tips in your wages.

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Amazon Flex payment schedule

Just like other Amazon workers, a specific payment schedule is followed when paying independent drivers. Amazon Flex drivers get paid twice a week. Payments are processed every Tuesday and Thursday.

However, Amazon Restaurant and Prime Now deliveries have different payment schedules. For those drivers, payments are made after all tips are collected. This process can take one to two days.

All payments are made through direct deposits to your bank account. Withholding money for taxes is your responsibility, as well as filing tax returns.

Expenses to consider 

Amazon Flex drivers don’t qualify for benefits enjoyed by other Amazon drivers. As a Flex driver, you’re considered your own boss. Therefore, you have to uphold certain expenses on your own, including:

  • Car maintenance: Since you’ll be using your own vehicle, you’ll have to pay your car’s maintenance expenses.
  • Car insurance: Buying a new car for your deliveries will translate to registration and insurance costs, which are your responsibility.
  • Self-employment taxes: You have to pay for Medicare and Social Security in addition to other income taxes at a rate of 15.3% for full-time drivers and 7.65% for part-time drivers.

Amazon Flex driver tips

If you want to get paid to drive for Amazon, you need to make proper plans to ensure you achieve higher wages. Below are helpful Amazon Flex driver tips:

  • Have proper insurance in place.
  • Always use your smartphone to check for Amazon delivery routes and opportunities.
  • Update your app regularly.
  • Use delivery boxes to stay organized.
  • Record your mileage to ensure you get the proper pay. This will come in handy when it’s time to calculate your taxes.
  • Consult with Amazon support whenever any issues arise before, during, or after delivery.
  • Get to know all Amazon depots in your area.

Enjoy a flexible income with Amazon Flex driving today!

So, how much do Amazon drivers make? This article has provided you with adequate answers to this question. You’ve also learned more about issues surrounding Amazon package delivery jobs.

Are you a driver looking for an opportunity to make more income? Look no further! Amazon Flex has got your back. Sign up today and earn a flexible income with Amazon Flex driving as a side hustle.

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