How To Invest $10 – The Benefits of Micro Investing


When asked about owning stocks, Warren Buffet said, “My favorite holding period is forever.”  To hold stocks as long as possible, you need discipline and patience. Okay, fine. But what if you don’t have much money to invest? 

Not a problem. Thankfully, micro investing allows investments of $10 or even less. Now you can build your portfolio brick by brick, with any amount.  

Where Can You Invest $10? 

To buy individual stocks, you used to have to sign up with a brokerage firm and pay commissions. If you wanted to buy a portfolio managed by your broker, you’d have to pay advisory fees on top of that. Many brokerages also required minimum balances to open accounts.

Thanks to advances in computing and increased competition, fees have come down significantly. Investment minimums also are not an issue with some providers, like MoneyLion. This has led to the rise of micro-investing, where small sums can be invested.

Cost-conscious investors now have access to investment solutions that are affordable and user friendly. MoneyLion has partnered with Wilshire Associates to bring fully managed accounts to the average investor. Wilshire Associates has over 40 years of industry experience and advises on over $1 trillion in assets. With their expertise, MoneyLion has created core investment ETF portfolios to suit investor profiles ranging from conservative to aggressive. 

You can now invest in a fully managed portfolio even with $10 or less.   

How To Start Investing $10 With MoneyLion

MoneyLion makes it possible to start investing in just a few easy steps.

1. Download the MoneyLion app – Create your account with MoneyLion by answering a few simple questions about your email and personal information.  

2. Answer questions about your goals and preferred risk profile.

3. See your personalized portfolio – MoneyLion will recommend a personalized portfolio based on your answers. You may accept the recommendation or adjust it to fit your preferences

5. Invest. Deposit the desired amount and watch your portfolio grow. Even better, set up Auto Invest to watch your account grow faster and with less work.

Through seven different risk profiles, MoneyLion offers portfolios suitable for different goals. Each risk profile is expressed through ETFs. The most conservative portfolios invest in bond ETFs for investors looking for lower risk. The Steady Income Bond ETF Portfolio caters to those who want to see steady returns annually and regular income. 

From there you can adjust your portfolio further to include themes or a mix of equity ETFs. The most aggressive portfolios invest in stock ETFs. If you want to choose the middle ground, there’s a balanced combination of bond and stock ETFs available. Of course, if you want to do nothing, MoneyLion will take care of all of it and invest your money in a portfolio that’s suitable for you.

Adding a Theme To Your Investments

You can also add thematic investing portfolios to choose your preferences and invest in causes that matter to you.  You can invest in your passions even with small amounts. The options include:

  • Future Innovation – ETFs investing in new disruptive technologies including robotics and artificial intelligence.
  • Greater Good – ETFs focused on companies with positive environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) metrics.
  • Earn & Grow – ETFs offering yield through dividends.

MoneyLion keeps the fee structure simple at $1 a month. This means you won’t get blindsided by extra fees such as management fees and transactional costs. You can also invest any amount at any time, at the tip of your fingertips. There’s no minimum balance requirement.  

Micro investing is a powerful tool that allows people to start investing even if they are starting with $10. 

Turn on Auto Investing

MoneyLion conveniently offers Auto Investing on the mobile app.  Automating your investments makes it easier to stay on an investment schedule without disruption.  

All you have to do is choose how much you want to invest, at what interval, and off you go!  MoneyLion will invest the chosen amount according to your profile and risk assessment. Just $10 a week can turn into over $500 a year with a click on the app.  

Power Up Your Investments with MoneyLion 

You don’t need to save up a fortune to start investing. MoneyLion combines advanced technology and 40 years of investment expertise from Wilshire Associates to provide personalized investment solutions. 

There’s no minimum balance required and just a $1 monthly service fee (includes complete portfolio management, rebalancing, and all trading) to enjoy a fully managed investment account.

MoneyLion also offers RoarMoney Mobile Banking, Instacash 0% APR loans, and Credit Builder Loans.

Take the next step toward financial success and power up your financial situation with MoneyLion today. 

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