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Who doesn’t need a little extra money in their paycheck? Whether you have an unexpected bill that you need to pay or you just want to put a bit more money away for a rainy day, it’s never been easier to earn money quickly.

Today, we’re going through a few of our favorite strategies that you can use to make money fast. Add one or more to your saving plan and watch your bills disappear!  

Let’s take a look at a few methods you can use to earn spare cash in your free time.  

1. Have a Yard Sale

If the weather is warm outside, gather up a few possessions and have a weekend yard sale. Use these tips to sell more and make more money.

Inspect each item before you put it out for sale. No one wants to buy a shirt with a stain or a coffee table with a huge burn mark on it — no matter how cheap it is. Take a look at everything you put out beforehand to make sure it’s worthy of its price.

Make sure your prices are visible. Some people who attend your sale might be too shy to ask about prices and will instead pass on your items. Make sure that every item you have for sale has a sticker with a price on it. If you don’t have time to individually label everything, consider using labeled boxes or clothing racks to group items with the same price.

Get together with your neighbors and team up. Neighborhood yard sales attract more customers than individual household sales. Get together with your neighbors and decide on a date for a neighborhood yard sale.

Have change on-hand. You don’t want to lose sales because you couldn’t break a twenty dollar bill! Make sure you have plenty of ones and quarters on-hand the morning of your sale. 

2. Teach People Something You Love

Do you have a passion? You might shock yourself at just how much money you can make teaching others about something that you love. All you need to do is get the word out around your local community. Not sure what skills might be monetizable? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Musical instrument lessons. Do you play a musical instrument in your free time? Why not pass on what you know to other students in your area? There’s always a consistent demand for guitar, piano, and violin lessons — especially when children leave school for the summer.

Safety lessons. If you know how to protect yourself and others, you can make your community a bit safer by teaching safety courses. From self-defense to kitchen safety, use the skills you already have to help others protect themselves — and earn some extra cash.

Fitness courses. Are you in great shape? Love to work out and help others achieve their fitness goals? Local recreational centers and gyms are always looking for health and wellness enthusiasts to create and teach new, fun fitness classes.

Don’t have time to teach individual students? Consider writing up a basic instruction course and listing it on an online learning platform like Udemy. Who knows — you might create an incredibly lucrative stream of passive income.

3. Get Proactive with Pets

Are you an animal lover? Every pet owner loves their furry or feathery friends. But unfortunately, not everyone has time to give their pets the time and attention they need. Here are some ways that you can earn extra money while working with pets.

Start a dog walking business. Travelers and busy professional often need other people to walk their dogs for them. You can make money fast walking dogs — especially if you’re able to walk pets when most people are at work.

Pet and house sit. When people go on vacation or weekend trips, they often cannot bring their pets along with them. Offering a safe place to shelter a dog, cat, or bird can earn you some serious cash during the summer.

Alternatively, you might want to consider watching pets in-house. Many homeowners find peace-of-mind when they know that someone will be there to call the police if they’re the victim of a break-in.

Offer your grooming services. Do you know how to clip a dog’s nails or give them a bath? Turn that skill into cash and open a grooming service in your local area. Grooming just one pet a week can boost your savings.

To make as much money as possible, advertise your services in local pet-centric businesses around town. Many pet supply stores have bulletin boards where dog sitters and walkers may put up their contact information. Be sure to ask the manager or owner of the store before you leave a flyer. 

4. Pick Up Some Freelance Work

“Freelancing” is a type of work that allows you to pick up small gigs for clients and complete them wherever you are in exchange for money. 

Freelancing websites like UpWork and Toptal allow you to advertise your services, post examples of your work and find new clients.

No matter what your talents are, there’s probably someone out there looking for someone with your skillset. Here are some of the most common skills listed on freelancing websites.

Graphic design. Do you have a passion for designing websites, business cards, or flyers? Turn your skills into cash and offer your services online.

Writing. If you have a way with words, freelancing could bring you in cash every month. Companies are constantly on the hunt for new wordsmiths to freshen up their website copy or edit internal documents.

Voiceover. If you have a unique or exceptionally clear speaking voice, consider offering voiceover services. Companies use voiceovers for commercial scripts and online videos.

When you freelance, the website you operate on doesn’t take any money out of your earnings for taxes. However, this doesn’t mean that the money you make is tax-free cash. You must keep track of how much you earn and report your income when tax season rolls around. Otherwise, you may face harsh and expensive penalties from the IRS. 

5. Join a Ridesharing Service

Ridesharing apps like Uber, Lyft, and Via are an easy way to pick up some quick cash in your free time. When you join one of these services, you don’t make a time commitment — you can drive as little as you want or as much as you want. 

You also don’t need to make any hourly commitments, and you’re free to clock in whenever you want to or have time to drive. This makes these apps an easy and appealing way for anyone with a vehicle to make some spare money outside of their job.

When you use a ridesharing app, the app gives you the option to accept or decline rides as they come in. Drive to the given location, pick up the passenger, and drop them off at their destination. When you complete the ride, you earn a percentage of what the rider paid. These apps also have surge pricing features that earn you more money when there are more people looking for rides than there are drivers on the road. 

If you work a traditional 9-to-5 job, you can maximize your earnings by driving on weekends, holidays, and during the evening hours. These are the times when demand for ridesharing services usually peak.

Keep in mind that both you and your vehicle must meet a certain criteria before you’re able to get on the road and start earning money. Every app has its own driver history and vehicle standards, so make sure your license is clear and your car is up to snuff before you download the app.

6. Offer Weekend Babysitting Services

Babysitting isn’t just for teenagers! Giving parents a weekend or evening off by offering caregiver or babysitting services is a great way to earn extra money. You can offer your services by advertising at local businesses or by creating a profile on a website like These caregiver-based websites work much like websites for freelancers, coordinating you with clients in your area. You can even input specific hours when you’re available so parents can search based on their unique needs.

If you do decide to use the internet to find clients, don’t be afraid to brag about any special skills or certifications you have. CPR training, knowing a second language, or a relevant college degree can help you earn more money when choosing clients. 

7. Get Instacash through MoneyLion

Do you have a bill or fee that you need to pay fast — but your next paycheck is still a while away? Instacash cash advances from MoneyLion gives you access to your next check anytime before the money goes into your account to help you cover the occasional unexpected bill.

Here’s how it works — first, sign up for a free MoneyLion account and apply for 0% APR Instacash cash advances. Once you’re approved, use the app to request an Instacash advance on your next check. You can get up to $250 depending on how much money you have coming in.

As soon as you authorize the transaction, you’ll see the money in your account — instantly. There are no limits on how you can use your Instacash. From covering a vehicle repair bill to picking up that college textbook you forgot to buy to treating your bestie to dinner, the sky is the limit.

Best of all? You’ll pay 0% APR when you use Instacash. This means that you don’t need to worry about paying excessive fees or interest charges when it comes time to pay back what you owe. On your next payday, MoneyLion deducts exactly what you borrowed from your checking account. It’s a simple, fast, and affordable way to get money in your account. 

Earn More Money Quickly

Needing a little extra money before you paycheck arrives is nothing to be ashamed of. Most people will go through a period in their life when they feel like they’re scrambling to pay for their next credit card payment, bill, or fee. Or when they need a little extra cash to do all the fun stuff they want to do! The secret to earning more money is to think about your skills and put yourself out there. Who knows — you might discover that your side hustle has the potential to become more lucrative than your career!

Are you ready to access your next paycheck early? MoneyLion and Instacash are here for you! Start by downloading the MoneyLion app from the Google Play or Apple App store today. 

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