Plus Power: Noel G. wants to give his family everything they need

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Family is everything to Noel G.

In recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re highlighting one of our valued MoneyLion Plus members, Noel G. He is a proud father and husband whose family hails from the Dominican Republic.

It’s stories like his that inspire us at MoneyLion to continue expanding our product base and providing our members with the tools they need to reach their own American dream.

¡Gracias, Noel G., por compartir tu historia!

What inspires you to take care of your finances?

My family. I want them to have anything and everything they may ever need.

What advice would you give others about money?

Credit is everything! Some creditors take advantage of people by offering them high-interest rate lending products because of their low credit score. This is why I love MoneyLion. The interest rate is manageable for financial growth, unlike other creditors who want to keep their customers in debt.

Why did you choose MoneyLion?

I tried one of the other guys and found it bland and boring. I wanted to try a new, more engaging platform, and that’s when I found MoneyLion. I found the low-interest rate loan to be a perk.

What is your favorite feature of MoneyLion Plus?

My favorite feature is the rewards points, which I have exchanged for gift cards.

What are your goals?

Besides wanting to provide my family with everything they need, my financial goals are to save $10,000 in my rainy day fund and see my credit score above 750.

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