Rony S. working hard toward his own American dream

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As part of Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re interviewing some Latinx members of the MoneyLion team. Peruvian Rony S. is a data scientist on the marketing analytics team. His story is an inspiring one about working toward his American dream.

Where are you from? ??

I was born and raised in Peru, where I learned the importance of hard work. At the age of 7, I got my first job collecting empty bottles to give to the local paint store for change. When I turned 9, I saved enough to purchase a Nintendo, which my neighbors would rent for $1/hour. This money was used toward groceries for my family.

What brought you to the Bay Area? ?

My dad moved to the US before I was born to find work. He would visit Peru every couple of years when he had enough money. At the age of 11, my whole family got approved to move to America. We moved to downtown Los Angeles, where the five of us lived in a studio apartment. I moved to the Bay Area after high school to attend UC Berkeley with the goal of becoming an astrophysicist, like my idol Carl Sagan. I have stayed here ever since.

What do you miss most about Peru? ?

I miss the food in Peru. My favorite dish is Lomo Saltado, and it just doesn’t taste the same here. I also miss my extended family. I have 13 aunts and uncles and many cousins that I plan on visiting very soon.

What were you doing before working at MoneyLion? ?

Before starting at MoneyLion, I studied applied mathematics and astrophysics at UC Berkeley while working part-time doing analytics for a small company. During this time, I was exposed to what a data scientist does, and it helped me decide the career path I wanted for myself.

Can you tell us a little about your career at MoneyLion? ?

I started at MoneyLion as a data scientist one and a half years ago. I work doing analysis of marketing campaigns, product performance, and more. I spend most of my day building reports using three different data mining platforms. I make sure that the data I gather is easy to understand and accessible to everyone.

One project that I am super excited about is the machine learning algorithms we’re using to maximize customer satisfaction and retention and improve our marketing campaigns.

What do you like about working at MoneyLion? ?

I like working at MoneyLion because I get along with the people, there isn’t one person in this office I don’t get along with. I also enjoy the rapid growth of the company. Every couple of months we have new features and new goals to accomplish.

As the company grows, I also gain more knowledge and responsibility. I can’t wait to see how big we get, and I am excited to be a part of helping millions of hardworking Americans find their way to financial health!

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