Subscriptions You Need To Cancel Today

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Are you subscribed to a few different streaming or gaming platforms, or do you belong to several other memberships like a gym or food delivery club? If you’ve got a subscription addiction, consider whether you really need them all! There may be alternatives to your subscriptions that can save you money each month for something special. 

It’s time to take a cold, hard look at your subscription habit. Here are the subscriptions that you may need to cancel today!

Entertainment Platforms

TV subscriptions can cost $10 a month or more, so which ones can you eliminate? Try just keeping the one you use most, and cancel the others to save money. You could be paying for an entire platform when you really only need one show. Look into making a one-time purchase of a series on VUDU, Sling, or Amazon rather than paying for a recurring subscription for months. 

If you’re still paying for cable (arguably the most expensive entertainment subscription around!), instead look into getting Netflix, Hulu or Disney+ — which range from $7 to $13 dollars a month. 

Meal Kits

Are you getting meal kit shipments of Blue Apron or HelloFresh on a regular basis? You can cut down on this extravagant expense by buying your own ingredients at your local grocery store and using a free recipe online to accomplish the same meal at a fraction of the cost. People, You can measure your own spices. We believe in you! It might take some practice in the kitchen, but it’s well worth the money saved. 

Beauty Boxes

If you’re on a budget, nix your Ipsy or Birchbox subscription and explore beauty stores in person instead. You’re more likely to pick up items that you actually want or need, plus you can ask for samples. Sephora, Ulta, and even department stores will give you testers of products you are interested in. 

Snack Boxes

Yes, snack boxes are a real thing, and they range from $15 or more a month. If you absolutely love your snacks and are wanting to try new items, look for a bulk food supply in your area where you can fill up a bag with a smaller amount. You can try a variety of nuts, dried fruit, candy, and more at a fraction of the cost of buying an entire bag. Another bonus is you are shopping local, and it’s a much greener option than having a packaged shipped every month. 

Gym Memberships

Are you someone who hasn’t been to the gym in a while — or ever? Yet you still have that gym membership, just in case? Get in the routine of working out at home or taking walks and jogs in your neighborhood. Or see if your workplace has a free workout room in the building. If you don’t know where to start, try a free trial of home workout videos to give you some inspo. You can find a lot of workouts on YouTube for free. This category of memberships includes other services like tanning and beauty treatments. Don’t sign up for things you don’t really need or won’t follow through on. You’ll save a lot of money! 

Gaming Subscriptions

Gaming subscriptions start at $20 a month and can run you over $50, depending on which ones you have. Consider renting games at GameStop or your local library! Or buy used ones at the thrift store if you want to try a new game. If you really want the latest and greatest game, go in on it with a friend and play together. 

Unnecessary Upgrades

If you can’t cancel completely or you just find your subscription really useful, see if you can downgrade to another version. You might be paying for a premium service like YouTube Red or Spotify Premium and you don’t realize it. While ad-free entertainment is nice, choosing to funnel those extra dollars towards your investment account instead could be much nicer for your wallet and future! 

Clothing Boxes

These subscriptions send the fitting room to your door, and that may sound appealing to you for convenience reasons, but the clothes are rarely on sale and you still have to pay for the “styling fee” even if you don’t want any of the clothes. When you need new items, keep your eye out for storewide sales and go in with a plan. Make a list of priority items so you aren’t sidetracked by items you may only wear once. 

Kids Craft Boxes

Doing fun and creative activities with your children is a great way to get them offline. But you’re better off canceling the monthly subscription box and finding free or inexpensive crafts instead. Home Depot offers free, monthly classes for kids to come in to the store and make a unique craft. Michael’s craft store also has similar classes, and you can always ask an associate for craft ideas and score deals on clearance items. 

Call To Cancel

If you have a subscription or membership that requires you to call and speak with a customer service representative to cancel, you might just end up with a new deal. This has worked for one of our MoneyLion team members who called to cancel their subscription and was offered a lower subscription cost —– down from $39 a month to $5! Can’t hurt to try calling your subscription providers too. Cable companies are among the providers who regularly offer to lower monthly costs in order to keep their customers as well. 

Unsubscribe For Savings

Subscriptions or memberships have their uses, and sometimes they make your life easier, but if you’re looking to cut down on expenses, cancel and make some changes. Get creative and embrace the DIY lifestyle. Find cheaper alternatives to the monthly boxes you love. See if you can get a deal through calling and talking to someone. Prioritize the subscriptions you just can’t live without and leave the lackluster ones behind. Track your expenses in the MoneyLion app so you can see exactly where you’re spending.

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