Tame holiday stress with this easy checklist

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The holidays can come with additional stress

The holidays can bring an unwanted guest — no we don’t mean your cousin Eddie — we mean STRESS. This time of year comes with added obligations, including shopping, parties, cooking, and entertaining. The hardest part is that you must meet all these seasonal obligations on top of managing your everyday tasks, such as working and taking care of your family. Try using this checklist to tame holiday stress so you can truly savor the season.

Gift giving during the holidays ?

  • Stick to your ==holiday budget==. Before you start shopping, set your budget — and don’t forget it!
  • Instead of trying to guess what the perfect gift is, just ask your loved ones what they want.
  • Avoid last-minute shopping. Not only does starting early help limit stress and anxiety, but it also helps avoid crowds.
  • Keep an extra gift handy, just in case you forget someone on your gift list or receive an unexpected visitor.
  • Set gift giving and receiving rules and expectations for children. This may help avoid upsets and arguments.

Planning and attending holiday parties ?

  • Avoid overindulging in boozy holiday bevs like eggnog and mulled wine. Alcohol can increase anxiety and depression.
  • Try not to overeat. Putting on pounds may actually reduce jolliness (how does Santa do it?).
  • Make all parties a joint effort. Instead of feeling obligated to do it all alone — have everyone bring a dish and share responsibilities.
  • Repurpose holiday decorations. Leave the tree up through the New Year and add gold and silver decorations to give it a renewed feeling.

Managing your time ⏰

  • Set realistic goals for yourself. You may not win the holiday lighting contest and the baking contest (this doesn’t make you any less festive).
  • Don’t overcommit yourself — if you can’t (or don‘t want) to attend a holiday party, it’s ok to say no.
  • If you’re traveling out of town, avoid driving during peak travel times. This can be a huge stress inducer.

Making yourself a priority ?

  • Take time for yourself: Prepare a bath, read a book, and light a cinnamon-scented candle — or go on a Netflix binge, whatever relaxes you.
  • Continue with your exercise routine. Exercise helps release endorphins, which can reduce stress.
  • Get yourself something special. Don’t forget to add yourself to your gift list.
  • Grab some new plush pajamas, sit near the fireplace, and admire your holiday decor.

Reduce financial stress during the holidays

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