Target Cashback – Top 4 Ways To Earn Cashback!


Holiday shopping isn’t complete without hitting the big red bullseye store. We can’t be the only ones who go to Target to get shampoo, walk out with a new wardrobe, and still no shampoo. What if there was a way to shop your favorite stores while earning cashback and investing?  Well, you’re in luck because this year shopping just got a little bit sweeter with a RoarMoney account from MoneyLion.

Read on to find out more.

How Can I Earn Cash Back at Target?

This year Target is releasing new 2020 Black Friday deals every Thursday all month long.  Looking to find the perfect gift for the aspiring chef in your life?  This 7-in-1 InstaPot is $40 off both online and in-store. But before you snag this killer deal, find out how you can earn cashback rewards on your holiday purchases. 

With a RoarMoney account, you’ll earn rewards, cashback, and points by purchasing from select merchants, like Target, through the MoneyLIon app with your MoneyLion Debit Mastercard or virtual card. Merchants, rewards, and cashback opportunities may change daily, so check the MoneyLion app to verify availability and eligibility.

How Do Cashback Rewards Work?

Below are the ways you can capitalize on MoneyLion’s squad of cashback rewards opportunities. 

Shake ‘N’ Bank

Just like it sounds, you physically shake your phone after qualified purchases and bank the cash reward. Follow these easy steps to start shaking and banking! 

  1. Download the MoneyLion app and Sign up for a RoarMoney account.
  2. Set up your MoneyLion Debit Mastercard and/or virtual card for instant access. 
  3. Make a $10 or more purchase with your RoarMoney virtual card or debit Mastercard. 
  4. Receive a push notification prompting you to shake your phone and find your surprise earnings. If you don’t receive a notification, check the Rewards tab in your MoneyLion app.  You’ll have 7 days to claim your Shake ‘N’ Bank rewards after a purchase
  5. Earn cash back up to the full amount of your purchase (Max $120). 
  6. Rewards get direct deposited into your active MoneyLion investment account.
  7. Watch your investment account grow while you shop. 

Keep in mind, you must have an active MoneyLion investment account to receive your direct deposit reward. 

Online CashBack Deals

Most people buy their everyday needs right from their phones. If you do this through the MoneyLion app you can bank cashback deals from your favorite merchants, like Target and Macy’s. Here’s how:

  1. Download the MoneyLion app and Sign up for a RoarMoney account.
  2. Set up your MoneyLion Debit Mastercard and/or virtual card for instant access. 
  3. Open the MoneyLion app, click the “Rewards” tab.
  4. Scroll down to “Online Deals”
  5. Tap the merchant you prefer and click “ Activate Deal”.
  6. Press “Shop Now” and browse right through the app or next screen.  
  7. Once you’re ready to purchase, use your virtual RoarMoney card or MoneyLion Debit Mastercard to earn points.
  8. Earn points for every dollar spent.
  9. After you’ve earned 2,500 points, you can redeem for $25 cash deposits in your MoneyLion investment account (active investment account is required). 

Merchants and percentages are subject to change, check your app every day for updated information.

Priceless Surprises with MasterCard

Anytime the words ‘priceless’ and ‘surprises’ are together you can count us in! For simply using your MoneyLion Debit Mastercard, you’re automatically eligible for surprise rewards ranging from free cash, fun trips, and tickets to events. Mastercard will notify you if you’re one of the lucky ones. 

Cashback of the Month with MoneyLion

Still, need to buy a few Christmas gifts? Right now is the perfect time to use your MoneyLion reward with MoneyLion’s Cashback of the Month. November’s offer is 2% cashback at Best Buy and Macy’s in-store or online! This is the perfect way to get some extra entries to qualify for Priceless Surprises.

Why Would I Invest My Cashback Rewards?

Not only is the MoneyLion app easy to navigate, but it’s also convenient and practical to use! You don’t have to jump through hoops to earn some extra cashback.

We’ll direct deposit your online cashback and Shake ‘N’ Bank rewards right into your active investment account to get your investment account kick-started. 

Our personalized approach to investing is user-friendly and trouble-free. You determine how aggressive you’d like to invest, how much, and how often.

Once your preferences are all set up (which you can change at any time), you can let your investments grow in the background of life. Add additional funds or withdraw at any time, with zero asset-based management fees and no minimums. 

Shop, Earn Rewards, And Repeat 

The 2020 holiday season deals are overflowing this year, and savvy shopping is key! When you use your exclusive MoneyLion member cashback rewards, you can double (even triple) dip your rewards.

And if you don’t want to miss out on the hottest gifts of the year because of payday, consider Instacash. Borrow up to $250 with zero interest and no fees – instantly! This year just got a whole lot better!

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