How Do I Find The Perfect Job For Me? – 8 Things to Practice in Your Career


Finding yourself in and out of odd jobs wondering when you’re going to find the perfect job for you? Don’t fall victim to the comparison of other people who seem like they have the ideal career that offers them the social media-worthy lifestyle. Professional fulfillment looks different for everyone and what might someone else’s dream career– could be your nightmare.

We can help you get closer to finding the nearly perfect dream job that checks off all the boxes! 


Go out in the world and explore! Without exploration, failure, success or growth, you won’t know what’s available to you. Finding opportunities and going out of your comfortable zone will help you zero in on your niche and find your strengths. As you gain experience you’ll find yourself inching closer towards finding your place professionally. 

Have a college degree or some level of experience in one area? Find a job related to that field and gain experience while building confidence. Always look for opportunities to hone your skills, learn new techniques and network. You never know where open mindedness will lead you! 

It’s important to note, having a college degree isn’t the only way to success. Being teachable, showing quality work ethic and willingness to learn can take you just as far!

Nothing is perfect

The reality is nothing and no one is perfect, including any job or career. Sure, you can come close, but with anything in life worth having they’re going to be challenging days. Choose to give 100% even on the hard days. Even if no one notices, you’ll know that you pushed through and followed through on your commitments.

What’s important to you

For a short while, you might have to sacrifice things like weekends off in order to gain experience, knowledge, and grit. But, never sacrifice your integrity or values. 

Set a standard for yourself and let that be a guiding light. If a job or position degrades your morals and values, then that job might not be the right fit for you. Sit down, write out the pros and cons, and if the bad outweighs the good it might be time to find another job. 

Manifest your goals and execute

Don’t just talk about it, be about it. When you want your goals and dreams to come to fruition, you have to put a plan in place and do the work. Make a list of dream jobs and envision what your life would look like when you have that position. Whether that be salary, lifestyle, family life or investments. Money isn’t everything, but it can give you choices and financial stability.

Research the heck out of your ideal job and find out how to lock down that position. Find out which degrees, work experience and training you would need to qualify for a specific role. Search for people on LinkedIn who are in positions you’d like to have and read their profile page. This will give you great insight into what you need to do to get there and how long it could take.

Network, network, network

Community and networking could be the foot in the door to your professional dream. You never know who could be that liaison to an incredible opportunity. Surround yourself with movers and shakers, like-minded and industry-relevant people. Offer your services to someone you know you could learn from at a discount or free, in exchange for a mentor situation. Experience is the best teacher! 

Get your finances under control

Now that you are well on your way to the perfect job and finances are getting on track, you need to manage it. RoarMoney members have full access to budget and money management tools to help track finances and credit. 

If you’re going to handle finances at your new job, a credit check may be required. Borrowing a Credit builder Loan up to $1000 with low-interest rates will hold you over during the interim and help boost your credit.

Prepare for your moment

When you get the opportunity to interview for your dream job, make sure you’re prepared! Take time to study the company, their values and mission. Show up early, dress appropriately, practice good hygiene and bring extra resumes. 

Brush up on any material you think will help you ace the interview, and practice your interviewing skills. Even if that means you have to talk to yourself in the mirror or practice with your roommate. First impressions are important and you only get one! 

Keep learning

Don’t allow yourself to get complacent. Keep learning, grow, evolve and find chances to advance in your career. Be on the lookout for job training, workforce development and certifications. Coursera, Udemy and YouTube are free education platforms that range from web development to dog training. 

For paid continued education or certifications, ask your employers if they’d be willing to pay for continued education. Some companies view this as a way to improve employee retention, strengthen in-house talent and keep their employees challenged and engaged. Doing this will give you leverage for pay increases while adding value to any company. If they don’t value you, move on to a better position somewhere else once you have the necessary experience.

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Find a career you love!

Despite what your highschool guidance counselor told you, landing the perfect job could take time. A few years of job changes,self-reflection and hard work might be the ideal formula for the perfect job! 

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