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MoneyLion is the official money app of 23XI Racing. We’re excited to bring you a NASCAR season unlike any other packed with cash giveaways, exclusive on-track experiences, and custom rewards. Download the MoneyLion app today and stay up to speed on offers for race fans just like you.

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HotPass is your ticket to the winner’s circle.

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HotPass makes winning easy.

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Step 1

Download the MoneyLion App

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Step 2

Get your unique RoarTagi to participate

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Step 3

Enter each week on our
HotPass Twitter posts

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What is a RoarTag?

A RoarTag is a unique way to express yourself within our app, and it’s a nice alternative to using your phone number and email. You can find/edit your RoarTag in the MoneyLion App, by tapping on the profile icon in the menu on the bottom of your screen.

Something new every week.

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Meet our drivers.

meet our drivers bubba wallace


Bubba Wallace

meet our drivers tyler reddick


Tyler Reddick

New Season! New Whip!

Check out our new ride.

check out our new ride
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What’s Up? Everything.

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