Alison Kimberly

Alison Kimberly is a freelance content writer with a Sustainable MBA, uniquely qualified to help individuals and businesses achieve the triple bottom line of environmental, social, and financial profitability. She has been writing for various non-profit organizations for 15+ years. When not writing, you will find her promoting education and meditation in the developing world, or hiking and enjoying nature.

Stories by Alison Kimberly

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How Banks Calculate Interest On A Savings Account

The greatest power in the financial world may be compound interest. But whether compound interest can work in your savings account will depend…

check cashing service
How Does Check Cashing Work?

You can cash a check at your bank. But what if you don't have a bank account or you need to cash a…

705 credit score
What Can I Buy With A 705 Credit Score?

Congratulations! A 705 credit score is good. You can buy most things with a 705-plus credit score, as long as it fits within…

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How To Change The Name On A Bank Account After Marriage

After your wedding day, you don't want delays in depositing gifted checks if the check has your married name on it while your…

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