Jessica Crosby

Jessica is a freelance content writer from Nashville, TN. She specializes in writing finance and SaaS content. As a former educator, Jessica is passionate about taking complex topics and explaining them in ways that are easy to understand. You can find her outdoors with her kids, husband, and dog in her free time.

Stories by Jessica Crosby

Can you trade gift cards for cash
Can you trade gift cards for cash?

Gift cards are one of the most requested gifts and one of the most unused. People often forget they have a gift card,…

What is a full time job
What is a full time job?

So, you were just hired for a job and now you’re wondering, “What is a full time job?” Full-time jobs and the hours…

healthy living on a budget
Healthy living on a budget

You may have the nagging feeling to get healthier, but it can be costly. You avoid fresh produce at the grocery store because…

Refinance into a VA loan
How to refinance into a VA loan

You’re not locked into your mortgage forever. If you qualify for a VA loan, it may make sense to refinance into a VA…

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