Kelly Troop

Kelly Troop is a rising Sophomore at Bucknell University with an intended literary studies major. She enjoys reading historical fiction and mystery and writing fiction. Once she graduates, she hopes to pursue a career in journalism, publishing, or editing. In addition to writing and reading, she enjoys cooking, spending time with friends, and playing sports.

Stories by Kelly Troop

what is a cash advance with Instacash
What Is a Cash Advance? 

Life doesn’t always go as expected, and it’s possible to find yourself in a situation where you’re short on cash. Whether you need…

Market snapshot 6
Market Snapshot: July 2022

Major stock market indices rebounded in July after falling in June. The S&P 500, Dow and Nasdaq rose 9.1%, 6.7% and 12.3%, respectively.…

CEO to the Gods
CEO To The Gods: The Truth About Working With Martha, Oprah, & Gwyneth

What's it really like working with Martha Stewart, Oprah Winfrey, & Gwyneth Paltrow? How should #MeToo accusations be handled in corporate America? How…

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