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📈 Investing

📊 Personal Finance

👔 Entrepreneurship

Austin Hankwitz

Austin Hankwitz

💳 Credit

🛩 Travel Hacking

🏡 Home Ownership

Margot Ettedgui

Margot Ettedgui

🏦 Economy

💰 Building Wealth

🪙 Cryptocurrency

Dia’Vante Brown

Dia’Vante Brown

🏦 Saving

🎯 Financial Goals

📝 Budgeting

Michela Allocca

Michela Allocca

📈 Investing

🧠 Smart Spending

⚒ Life Hacks

Tejas Hullur

Tejas Hullur

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You can thrive as a money creator with MoneyLion.


We get you


Great work deserves to be paid for, we’re doing just that.


Get instant access to our community of millions of users.


Apply for your own original series entirely produced by us.


Work with celebrities and brands that align with your audience.


Attend big bashes like The Lion’s Den with Mike Tyson and Friends.

Time to create

Join our team of doers and dreamers who are helping our community live their best life.

austin hankowitz

Austin Hankwitz

dia vante brown

Dia’Vante Brown

michela allocca

Michela Allocca

tejas hullur

Tejas Hullur



Apply to become a MoneyLion Creator. We’ll email you, begin onboarding, and introduce you to the team.

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🦁 How does the MoneyLion Creator Experience Work?

MoneyLion is creating the ultimate destination for money-related content. We want to license your existing short-form video content and share it with all of the users in our app – giving you reach to educate and inform a whole new audience with credit back to your existing social media profiles. Once accepted to the MoneyLion Creator Experience, you’ll be able to get paid for the views of your content within our app, be given opportunities to work with our brand partners, and potentially be selected to create new original content series with our award-winning production team MALKA.

🤳 What’s expected of me as a creator?

Your only expectation is to keep being you and have fun. We want to unlock access to the incredible money-related content you’re making and share it with millions of hard-working Americans around the country. To ensure you’re getting the most out of this Experience, be sure to stay engaged. Check those emails, RSVP to our events, and respond quickly to our brand partners’ proposals.

🙅‍♀️ Do I need to be exclusive to MoneyLion in any way?

Nope. This Experience was created by Creators for Creators, and we know just how limiting being an “exclusive” anything can be. You’re free to participate in brand deals of any sort, attend events as they come, and continue creating content that aligns best with your audience. But we’ll never shy away from a kind shoutout 🙂

📲 How is content uploaded?

Once approved, MoneyLion uploads your existing content for you! You don’t have to save anything, select anything, or approve anything. We will never upload content that is sponsored and all creators reserve the right to tell us that certain materials are off limits.

🗣️ What’s a profile like on the platform?

Each in-network creator will have a verified profile and space for their typical link-in-bio site.

🎥 What is MALKA MEDIA?

MoneyLion acquired MALKA MEDIA, an award-winning creative studio based in Los Angeles and New Jersey, to bring content and creators into the culture of money. With its slate of original shows and podcasts, documentaries and series, and creative capabilities powering the storytelling of some of the largest brands, you’ll be a part of a media ecosystem that is creating personalized access to the world’s money conversations.

🤔 Can this really help me grow my following?

Yes! MoneyLion has millions of customers. We serve up creator content in the “Discover Feed” of our app to get as many eyeballs on your work as possible. We may also provide SEO enhancements by including your content in our blog posts so your social content is discovered in search. While we cannot guarantee results, the MoneyLion Creator Experience positions you to reach a significant, new following.

🤝 How do I get brand deals?

Accepted creators will be introduced to in-network brands actively seeking talent through our marketplace of partners. We connect, you create!

✅ Am I guaranteed to receive brand partnerships if accepted in the network?

Our brand partners have the final say on the creators they’d like to work with, but all MoneyLion Creator Experience members will be equally presented with incredible brand opportunities.

🕺Are there in-person events?

Absolutely! We’re aiming to host IRL events up to four times per year, or once a quarter. We’re doing our best to host these events in the same geographical area as conferences you’d likely be attending anyway. Click here to see the recap video for our Mike Tyson and Friends Lion’s Den Watch Party.

📝 How do I sign up?

Fill out the form here!

🤑 What are $RoarTags?

Your RoarTag is your personal handle inside the MoneyLion app. RoarTags unlock access to MoneyLion exclusive experiences and giveaways, will be how you discover other MoneyLion users inside our community, and be used for sending peer-to-peer payments, instantly.

💸 How am I paid?

You’ll be paid directly through your RoarMoney account in the MoneyLion app. Once accepted, you will be sent onboarding instructions which include setting up this account and create your $RoarTag! Whether it’s being paid for CPM views, brand deals, or original series – you’ll be paid through your RoarMoney account. From there you can use the money in a variety of ways through the app’s product offerings, or simply withdraw it to another bank account.

💰 How do I open a RoarMoney Account?

If you sign up and are accepted to the MoneyLion Creator Experience, you will receive onboarding instructions with details on how to set up your RoarMoney account and $RoarTag.

📆 How often will I be paid?

We’re going to pay you every Monday. If there’s a federal U.S. holiday, you’ll be paid on Tuesday.

💰 Do I get any payment for referring my friends or my audience to MoneyLion?

Yes, here’s a link to the MoneyLion referral promotion terms and conditions that MoneyLion provides to all users.

♻️ Will my content be reposted to MoneyLion social media accounts? Or just inside of the app’s Today Feed?

The licensing agreement you’ll sign provides you with the right to require pre-approval before any posts are to be shared by MoneyLion on social media. If you opt-in for us to share your content on MoneyLion social media accounts, creators always receive proper credit and profile tagging which drives our fans to become your fans.

👋 Can I withdraw from this agreement at any time?

Absolutely. There is no obligation for you to remain a MoneyLion Creator, even after you’ve signed the licensing agreement. We’re building this Experience to be rewarding and engaging, so hopefully you don’t want to leave the party!

🥳 If accepted, how do I get onboarded?

Those accepted to the MoneyLion Creator Experience will receive an email with a link to follow for in-app onboarding. If you’re already a MoneyLion user, we can internally change you to a verified creator! Just make sure you have your RoarMoney account set up and create that $RoarTag username!