Thematic Investing

Discover how thematic investing can help you enhance your investment mix — and help you put your money where your values are.

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What is
Thematic Investing

The basic building blocks of a portfolio are an appropriate mix of investments that reflects your goals, time horizon, and tolerance for risk. Thematic investing takes things a step further.

How to Invest in
Thematic Funds

When you invest with MoneyLion, the first thing we do is guide you, step by step, to choose a fully managed and diversified investment portfolio that supports your goals and tolerance for risk. It serves as your core portfolio and gives you exposure to a suitable mix of stock and bond investments designed to reach the goals you have in mind.

Once you establish that core portfolio, you can also choose a thematic investment approach, which allows you to add “themes” that reflect what’s important to you — things like cutting-edge technology, clean energy solutions, and socially responsible innovations.

how to invest in thematic funds


Powered by industry leaders Global X and Wilshire, each theme lets you invest in a carefully selected set of ETFs (exchange traded funds), which are essentially “baskets” of stocks or bonds that are aligned to a specific topic:

future innovation

Future Innovation

ETFs focused on disruptive technologies like robotics, artificial intelligence, and autonomous cars.

greater good

Greater Good

ETFs aligned to companies that exhibit positive environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) characteristics.

earn and grow

Earn and Grow

Dividend-paying equity ETFs that offer higher yield with some growth.


Once you have a MoneyLion investment account, here’s how to add a portfolio theme:


Go to Your Investment Account

Navigate to your investment screen in the app and tap “Add a theme to my portfolio” under My Portfolio.

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Choose Your theme

The next screen will take you to “Choose a theme” where you can select a theme based on your interests.

If you’re interested in investing in companies that strive to generate both ethical change in the world and positive return, you might want to consider investing in the MoneyLion Greater Good portfolio theme.


Add Your theme

Once you have decided on a Theme, tap “Add Theme” at the bottom of the screen.

Thematic investing is an easy way for you to participate in investments that meet certain standards aimed at improving society and the environment — while simultaneously seeking to grow your portfolio.

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Start Investing
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2021 Perspective

MoneyLion thematic portfolio allows you to meet an investment preference or capitalize on a growing trend. For example, the Future Innovation portfolio is benefited by the stay-at home economy. While thematic investing is a long-term strategy designed to benefit from long-term structural changes that disrupt and redefine industries, COVID-19 sped up the clock. It has been an accelerant and market expander for many themes, almost forcing adoption to a broad audience. Segments including robotics, cloud computing, and e-commerce have been major beneficiaries.

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