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FEB 10, 2021, 07:00 ET

CEO message

Welcome to the MoneyLion pride!
We’re glad you’re here.

You’ve joined something big — bigger than just an award-winning financial technology platform. You’re part of a movement that’s re-wiring the consumer financial experience and empowering millions of hard working Americans to take control of their finances so they can achieve their life goals.

When we launched MoneyLion in 2013, we set out to use the power of technology to fix a banking system that is broken. Today’s system applies a one-size-fits-all approach to personal finance that disadvantages a huge swath of Americans, charging them billions in outdated fees – including overdraft fees, transfer fees, account maintenance fees, and more – just to participate.

Throughout my life, I’ve seen how this model of inertia limits financial success. As a child, I saw how my parents’ sacrifices to raise their children were made more difficult by not having access to financial tools and advice that would have made it easier for them to achieve their goals. Then, when I worked in the institutional banking world, I had a front row seat to the systemic failures that made it difficult for millions more Americans to get ahead in life and thrive in a rapidly changing economy.

I’m talking about everyday people from all walks of life. Gig workers who have multiple jobs and are trying to make ends meet. People approaching retirement who aren’t sure if they have enough saved. Millennials who dream of buying a house and putting their kids through college. And more. We have built a solution for hard working people who are looking for a simple, engaging way to bank, borrow, save, invest and grow their money.

At MoneyLion, we believe finances should propel people forward, not hold them back. We offer the most powerful all-in-one, digital financial solution that gives people access to the products, tools and advice they need while helping them understand how they can make their money work as hard as they do. It is mobile banking with no hidden fees and cash back rewards. Interest free salary advances when people need it most. A program designed to help people build and rebuild their credit. Full featured and automated investing tools. And a place where advice comes in the form of a “financial heartbeat.” Together, our team is bringing the previously exclusive experience of private banking to everyone and there’s much more to come.

Today, I’m proud to say that we are empowering millions of Americans to live a better life by offering the most innovative and engaging financial tools in the industry. With your help, we will continue to flip the script and change the course of finance. This is where it all starts. Because here we are strong. Here we rise.


Dee Choubey
Co-Founder and CEO

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