How to find the best stocks under $5

best stocks under 5

Investors searching for stocks under $5 could open themselves to hidden opportunities and potential risks. Traditionally, these stocks are not included in the portfolios of most mainstream investors. Discerning the differences between hidden gems and crashing enterprises is paramount when researching stocks under $5.

How to find stocks under $5

You can conduct your own research to find stocks under $5 or you can rely on a fully managed investment account, which puts your money into the hands of investing professionals. Finding hidden gems in the stock market can take hours of research and years of patience. 

A fully managed account can afford you a hands-off approach to investing. While it offers no guarantees, it may present better diversification and risk-mitigation efforts than portfolios filled with individually picked stocks.

The downside is that fully managed portfolios can get expensive. However, MoneyLion offers an option for investors looking for managed portfolios on a budget. Our portfolios contain an array of stock and bond ETFs to fuel diversification and growth opportunities that match your risk tolerance and investment profile.

Additionally, you can grow your portfolio with every qualifying purchase through Round Ups. This feature enables users to round up each eligible purchase and invest the difference. 

Here’s how it works: Let’s say you make a $26.75 purchase, MoneyLion’s Round Ups feature will round the purchase up to $27 and invest the remaining 25 cents into your investment account. Each Round Up won’t grow your portfolio significantly, but many Round Ups can impact your portfolio over time. 

Do your own research

Although a fully managed account puts your money in the hands of seasoned investors, conducting your own research can help you understand your investments. You can use sites like Yahoo! Finance, and Nasdaq to view financial news and data about stocks. These sites enable anyone to access pertinent details such as a stock’s P/E ratio, dividend payment history, and average trading volumes. 

The research doesn’t end with the purchase. It will help if you stay updated on news and relevant financial information around your holdings. 

Can I invest $5 today?

A MoneyLion Investment Account gives you access to fully managed portfolios that fit your objectives. You can invest in one of MoneyLion’s managed portfolios for as little as $5. Downloading the MoneyLion app gives you access to a suite of financial products at your fingertips. Fees apply, depending on which products you take advantage of. Create a MoneyLion Investment Account today. 

Steps to invest or buy crypto

If you want to invest in stock or bond ETFs or buy cryptocurrencies, follow these steps.

Download the MoneyLion app

Downloading the MoneyLion app gives you access to a growing community filled with millions of users. After setting up the app, perform the following actions to optimize your portfolio.

  1. Choose your investment strategy – We will walk you through this process with a few questions about your risk tolerance. 
  2. Add funds from a linked checking account – You can link to your RoarMoneySM account or other checking accounts.
  3. Turn on Auto Invest – This is an optional feature that can help you make consistent deposits toward your portfolio via automatic transfers. You can adjust your auto investment’s frequency and contribution size. Auto investing is a strategy for effortless portfolio growth.
  4. Monitor Your Money check your MoneyLion account daily to stay on top of your finances. Review your financial accounts, spending habits, credit score, and more. MoneyLion’s financial tools make it easy for users to monitor their finances.

Round Ups with MoneyLion

MoneyLion’s Round Ups feature allows you to build up your portfolio with every qualifying purchase. Since the Round Ups feature only rounds to the nearest dollar, you may barely notice as your portfolio gradually grows with each qualifying purchase. MoneyLion’s Round-Up feature is a way to complement the Auto Investing feature. 

Buying crypto

Crypto continues to be a topic of discussion, but purchasing can be a hassle for beginners. We’ve removed the confusion and created an easy way to buy cryptocurrencies with MoneyLion Crypto, powered by Zero Hash. Our members can easily purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin.. 

Select your portfolio and let MoneyLion handle the rest

MoneyLion caters to investors with varying experience levels, from newbies to seasoned investors,  so anyone can invest in a well-diversified and low-cost ETF portfolio. Get started with a MoneyLion Investment Account today!

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