Christmas In November


There’s something about Christmas time that is magical. The smells, food, and holiday spirit creates a whimsical energy that’s indescribable. What’s not so magical is the astronomically high prices and crowds accompanied by everything surrounding Christmas.  From vacations to holiday events, you can always expect a huge surge in cost. 

Why not try to save a bit of cash (and stress) by preparing and celebrating Christmas early this year. It’s a little unorthodox, but we think you’ll actually enjoy the freedom and peace from thinking outside the box. Continue reading to find out how you can enjoy Christmas early in November! 

Start Shopping Early

Build your shopping list now!  Take advantage of the huge sales happening right now at places like Best Buy and Macy’s and beat the holiday rush. You’ll get cashback if you use a MoneyLion Debit Mastercard

In years past, the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday) is known as the kickoff to Christmas shopping.  This year, many retailers have adapted to the needs of customers by starting off Black Friday early with even more smoking hot deals!  Keeping safety restrictions in mind, online and curbside purchases have been the MVP of 2020. Utilize those curbside perks, you’ll save even more time!

Knock Out Tasks 

Don’t let the “to-do” list get pushed by the wayside and wait until December 24th to do anything.  Prepare your holiday cards before Halloween and send them out Nov. 1st!  Trust us, get started on the details now and knock these few tasks off your list ASAP – you’ll thank us later. 

  • Print and send out holiday cards
  • Write out holiday event schedule (holiday parties, kids school party)
  • Early decorating (are you a before or after Thanksgiving Xmas decorator?)
  • Prep and freeze cookie dough
  • Plan potluck meals
  • Schedule shopping dates ( both online and in person)

Cheaper Vacations During November

It’s mind blowing how much cheaper off-season vacationing can be. An Airbnb in popular locations around the U.S. could be thousands more during Christmas vs. around Thanksgiving.  Consider taking your family on a vacation during November as an early family Christmas gift.  You could save thousands of dollars and create lasting family memories! Take a look at our cost comparison table between 3 major holiday destinations. 

Maui AirbnbPark City AirbnbNew York City Airbnb
During Thanksgiving$3,739$1,738$1,117
During Christmas$6,164$6,792$1,710

Early Family/Secret Santa Party

Throw your family Christmas party in November. Avoid the holiday madness and conflicting schedules with your relatives’ with an early party.  Everyone’s schedule should be more open considering most Christmas events occur in the month of December. Now that you have December’s calendar cleared up, you can spend more time with your immediate family. 

Pull names for secret santa using this online generator prior to the party.  Give everyone enough time to shop and have their gifts ready by the time your November party happens. And when it comes to food, send out a sign-up spreadsheet to everyone for a potluck. This will avoid having dishes repeated and everyone gets a sneak preview of their dinner menu. 

Combine Thanksgiving and Christmas Party

Host a 2-in-1 family holiday party filled with delicious food, gifts, and great company. Most of the time you’re already visiting with distant family on Thanksgiving, why not combine the two!  Plan out activities like white elephant, Thanksgiving dinner, and family games. Keep the theme reminiscent of both holidays and get festive. Ugly holiday sweater contest is our favorite and is sure to bring plenty of laughs!  

Start a New Tradition

Create a new family tradition in 2020 and start it in November. Include your distance family or keep it small with immediate family only – it’s never too early to get into the holiday spirit.  Here are some of our favorite ideas of new traditions to start with your family.

  • Early Christmas Vacation in November-new spot every year!
  • Sled contest
  • Pie eating competition
  • Best snowman competition
  • Family hike
  • Family board game marathon 
  • Thanksgiving Charades 
  • Food bank or shelter donations
  • Adopt a family in need and deliver dinner and gifts
  • Pass around/White elephant 

November Is the New December 

Why did we wait until 2020 to think of celebrating Christmas in November?  Alongside Hallmark movies, we’re opting to start holiday festivities early this year, and we aren’t mad about it!  With all the stresses of the holiday season, enjoying it shouldn’t be one.  And for the pesky last-minute cash needs, get Instacash from MoneyLion. And set yourself up to get your paycheck up to two days early up with a RoarMoney account. Download the app, sign up for free, and get money in your account instantly!  

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