Celebrating Christmas in November 

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Ahh, the holidays, a magical time of year full of delicious food, fun traditions, and great company. While the holidays can be filled with uplifting spirits and special moments, they can also be filled with stress, crazy high prices, and overwhelming crowds. 

This year, why not start the festivities sooner so you can truly enjoy the time you have with your loved ones.

Some people may argue that getting into the Christmas spirit in November is jumping the gun, but we think it’s the perfect way to have the best holiday season yet. So if you’re with us, keep reading to find out ways you can celebrate Christmas in November.

Begin your holiday shopping early

Don’t wait till the last minute to start your holiday shopping, start early and get a jumpstart on holiday gifts! Take advantage of any sales going on right now at your favorite retailers so you can beat the holiday rush and possibly save money. 

Traditionally the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday) is known as the kickoff to Christmas shopping. However, in the past few years, many retailers have started their Black Friday deals earlier than November 26. As for this year, some retail stores are already offering Black Friday discounts. 

Keep safety restrictions in mind and consider shopping online for delivery or curbside pickup. The closer you get to Christmas, stick with in-store or curbside pickup to avoid shipping delays. 

Knock off holiday tasks ASAP 

Early Christmas shopping and holiday prep will take the stress off your shoulders and allow you to actually enjoy your holiday season. Anyone who has been shopping on Christmas Eve knows how much of a nightmare it can be. Create a to-do list and start knocking out tasks right away, you’ll thank us later.

  • Print and send out holiday cards
  • Write out holiday event schedule (holiday parties, kids school parties)
  • Early decorating (are you a before or after Thanksgiving Xmas decorator?)
  • Prep and freeze cookie dough
  • Plan potluck meals
  • Schedule shopping dates (both online and in-person)
  • Buy thank you cards
  • Write a list of the gifts you plan to buy 
  • Take inventory of your gift wrapping supplies

Vacations are cheaper in November

Consider taking a holiday vacation around Thanksgiving rather than Christmas, it’s mind-blowing the price difference for an Airbnb between November and December. Make the vacation an early Christmas gift and take your family on vacation in November.  Not only to save thousands of dollars but to create lasting family memories. Take a look at our cost comparison table for a family of 4 to vacation in 3 major holiday destinations. 

DestinationNew York City, New YorkKey West, FloridaBreckenridge, Colorado
During Thanksgiving $1,367 $4,814$1,464
During Christmas$2,672$11,001$3,821

Early family/secret Santa party

Avoid the holiday madness and conflicting schedules with your relatives and throw an early party. This will also help you clear up your December schedule to spend more time with your immediate family. 

Set up a secret Santa game using an online generator like this one before the party. Be sure to give everyone enough time to shop and have their gifts ready to go for your November party. Etsy is a great place to go for creative gift ideas for the whole family! 

When it comes to food, you can make sure everyone gets their favorite dish and help keep costs low by sending out a spreadsheet for your relatives to sign-up to bring their favorite dish. A spreadsheet will help you avoid having repeat dishes and everyone will get a sneak peek of their dinner menu. 

Combine Thanksgiving and Christmas into one party

Combine Thanksgiving and Christmas into a 2-in-1 family holiday party! Make delish food you’d serve at both holidays, do a gift exchange like secret Santa or white elephant, and create festive drink recipes for kids and adults. It’s not always easy for families to get together for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so take the time you have and create one big holiday extravaganza. 

Keep the theme reminiscent of both holidays, like a pajama party for thanksgiving dinner. You could even have a gingerbread house-making contest!  

Build new traditions

Celebrate Christmas in November and create new family traditions. You can include your distant family or keep it intimate with immediate family only, it’s never too early to get into the holiday spirit. Check out these fun ideas of ways you can start new traditions with your family. 

  • Early Christmas Vacation in November-new spot every year!
  • Sled contest
  • Pie eating competition
  • Best snowman competition
  • Family hike
  • Family board game marathon 
  • Thanksgiving Charades 
  • Foodbank or shelter donations
  • Adopt a family in need and deliver dinner and gifts
  • Pass around/White elephant 
  • Gingerbread house competition
  • Reading your favorite Christmas stories
  • Arts and crafts night

Enjoy Christmas decorations longer 

Set up your Christmas decorations early so you can enjoy the lights and Christmas spirit for more than just a month. You can invite relatives near and far to participate and exchange decor ideas. This will help put you in the Christmas spirit and bring you and your relatives even closer. 

Prep and bake cookies

Knock out two-holiday desserts at once and make cookie dough that you can use for Thanksgiving and Christmas! Get fun cookie cutters shaped like turkeys and Santa Clauses. Then you can decorate cookies that are Thanksgiving-themed in November, freeze some dough, and when Christmas rolls around break out your Santa cookie cutters. This will save you time and give your loved ones something fun to do together. 

It’s never too early to get in the holiday spirit

Don’t let anyone tell you November is too early to dive into the holiday spirit! Prepping gifts and celebrating Christmas festivities early could save you time, money, and take a whole lot of stress off your shoulders. Have fun with it, get creative, and most of all–cherish every moment spent with the ones you love.Need some extra cash for gifts or holiday festivities? We have you covered! When you use the MoneyLion Instacash feature, you can get a cash advance of up to $1000 with 0% APR. All with no fees and no hard credit checks. Let the holiday fun begin!

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