Corona Christmas – How To Safely Enjoy This Holiday Season


The end of 2020 is approaching fast, and the holidays are just around the corner. We might be in the middle of a pandemic, but that doesn’t mean we can’t safely enjoy all the Christmas festivities and fun! 

Below we’re sharing our go-to virtual hacks that limit your contact with loved ones outside of your household. Heck, you might love our tips for a Corona Christmas so much, they’ll become traditions for generations to come!

Virtual Party 

Virtual meetups are no longer for distanced learners and work meetings only. Host your first virtual Corona Christmas Party for your family, friends and co-workers. You can use zoom, google meet-up or pay for a fully hosted party from  They offer different themes, games and all you have to do is show up in your Christmas best – or worst ugly sweater.

Send Out Presents Early

Having a virtual party with your family?  Make sure you send out your gifts early to ensure they arrive on time. We can expect shipping carriers to have a higher volume of packages around Christmas due to social distancing recommendations.

More of your loved ones presents might need to be shipped this year, with that comes shipping costs. Instacash is the perfect remedy for last minute (or forgotten) gifts and shipping costs. We can help you cover your increased expenses with 0% interest cash advances instantly– no credit check required.  

Virtual Santa 

Your children might not get their chance to sit on Santa’s lap and tell him their wish list in person. Set up a wintery wonderland location in your home, invite Santa virtually and take your own pictures. Have a “real” conversion with Santa this year with help from the Message from Santa itunes app or A Call With Santa Claus from the google play store.  Watch your little ones eyes light up when they receive a personalized call or message from the man himself!

Social Distancing Games

What’s a holiday party without a few games and friendly competition! A Corona Christmas virtual party shouldn’t be any less! Here are a few of our favorite socially distanced games that’ll create memories for years to come. 

Secret Santa 

Christmas isn’t complete without the excitement of Secret Santa. Use this gift exchange generator to select everyones Secret Santa. Establish a designated ship date for everyone has more than enough time to receive their gifts for the Secret Santa virtual party.

Once everyone is in attendance for your virtual party, exchange gifts starting with the individual who has the youngest participant followed by their secret santa recipient, and so on. 

If you live in a tight knit community, involve your neighbors! Consider one of these easy and cheap DIY gifts to bless one of your favorite families. 

Help the Elderly

Social distancing has made everyday tasks and the holiday’s especially difficult for the elderly community. They tend to live on their own, so why not spread Christmas cheer by helping them out.

Offer to do their yard work, shovel their snow, put up their Christmas lights, walk pets, do their grocery shopping and anything they need help with. Safely surround them with holiday spirit, love and hope will help get them through these tough times. 

Wanna go the extra mile?  Invite your kids to go to their front door (with a safe distance and appropriate time in mind) and sing carols for them. It might be the Christmas miracle they need.

Create A Christmas Light Display 

Deck out the front door, yard and porch with the best Christmas display ever! Call up your neighbors and encourage them to do the same. Announce it to your friends and family on social media and invite them to drive down your street to enjoy the whimsical display. 

Find Local Christmas Light Displays 

If decking out your home isn’t within your budget or schedule, make some hot cocoa to-go and drive around in search of beautiful Christmas displays in your area using this site

Adopt a Family for the Holidays

Adopt a family or donate to a community service organization. Assisting with the homeless community or families in need is best done this year at a distance. You could donate money, gifts or specific items requested in lieu of your time. 

Friendly Outdoor Christmas Tree Competition

Who doesn’t love to admire a well decorated Christmas tree? Invite your neighbors to enter a friendly neighborhood “Best Outdoor Christmas Tree” competition. On Christmas Eve, while social distancing, invite a few judges to stroll the street and choose one family tree to be the winner!  

Safely Celebrating Christmas During Coronavirus

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