Easy Cheap DIY Christmas Gifts

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Your 2020 Christmas shopping budget might be a little bit tight this year. Maybe you got laid off or you’re experiencing financial hardship due to the current economic crisis. Sometimes the best gifts are the thoughtful ones made with extra love and effort. Making easy, affordable, and personalized Christmas gifts are the perfect way to the hearts of your loved ones.  

Affordable Christmas Gifts Ideas

We’ve compiled a stellar list of our favorite DIY gifts for all the special people in your life. From grandma to your boss, these homemade gifts will bring the holiday cheer this year! And if you shop at Macy’s and Best Buy in November with a RoarMoney account, you’ll get 2% cashback!

One Gift for the Whole Family

Consider giving a family gift instead of individual gifts. A movie night loaded with snacks or a board game allnighter filled with fun, both are sure to bring memories to last a lifetime! 

Movie Bundle

Fill up a large popcorn bowl with an Amazon gift card, popcorn, drinks, and assorted snacks for a movie night in for the whole family. 

ItemWhere to Get itPrice
Gift Card or Movie Pre OrderOnline$15
Popcorn BowlDollar Store$1
PopcornGrocery Store$3
Sodas / Sparkling WaterGrocery Store$4
Assorted CandyGrocery Store$5
Total Price: $28

Game Night

These games will have the family entertained for hours and years to come!  Don’t shy away from looking locally – we’ve seen these same games new or like-new on Marketplace for under $5!  

ItemWhere to Get itPrice
Game of Life JuniorMacy’s $14.99
Don’t You Forget It Macy’s$8
60-Second SlamMacy’s$9.99
Trivial Pursuit Macy’s$19.99
Total Price: $52.97

Cheap Gifts for Couples

Give the gift of a date night (or day) for your favorite couple! Find some things they love or activities they enjoy doing together for the perfect day.  

Picnic Date 

Your favorite couple will look forward to day dates in the sunshine once spring returns with this gift. Browse the local market for gently used (or new) picnic baskets, cutlery, wine glasses, and blankets.  You might luck out and find a basket that includes everything. Keep an eye out for a sturdy vintage wicker picnic basket and falsa blanket- those are timeless gems! 

ItemWhere To Get It Price
Cooler Tote BagMacy’s$22.95
Plates (2)Target$1.18
Cutlery Set Ikea$1.29
Stainless Steel Wine Glass SetMacy’s$21.43
Wine Bottle OpenerTarget$1.50
Bottle of WineGrocery Store$7
CheeseGrocery Store$5
CrackersGrocery Store$3
FruitGrocery Store$3
Total Price: $86.34

Dinner In A Box

Going to a fancy restaurant isn’t the only way to go out for a romantic meal. Put together a gift box with all the ingredients needed for a delicious dinner to enjoy in the comfort of their home. Make it even more special by sourcing local ingredients for them to enjoy. 

ItemWhere To Get It Price
PastaGrocery Store$2
Pasta SauceGrocery Store$4
BaguetteGrocery Store/Local Bakery$4
Champagne Grocery Store$10
Chocolates Grocery Store$8
Candle Sticks (2)Dollar Store$2
Candle Stick HolderDollar Store$2
Total Price:$32

Paint a Portrait 

Gift two canvas’, paint, brushes, and aprons and have the couple to paint each other’s portrait (no peeking). Once their masterpiece is complete they can hang them up and marvel at their artistic abilities – or have a good laugh. 

ItemWhere To Get It Price
Aprons (2)Amazon$9.99
Canvas (2)Amazon$7.19
Acrylic PaintAmazon$11.78
Paint Brushes Amazon $5.99
Paint Palette (2)Amazon$8.99
Total Price: $43.94

Unisex Christmas Gifts

If you’re doing white elephant, pass around or raffle games, you’ll want to keep the gift unisex. Especially in the workplace, this can be tricky because you don’t know who will end up with the gift. Below are our two favorite unisex gifts. 

Coffee Lover Basket 

Who doesn’t love a warm cup of joe on wintery mornings? Heat up the cold winter season with a curated box of coffee goodies perfect for anyone. For the extra wow factor, head over to their favorite coffee shop, scoop up a bag of fresh ground beans and make homemade syrup

ItemWhere To Get It Price
Pour Over with MugMacy’s$21.70
CoffeeGrocery Store/Local$4
Syrup Grocery Store$5
Total Price:$37.69

Pancake Breakfast Bundle

Give the perfect Christmas morning breakfast with this sweet gift. 

ItemWhere To Get It Price
Pancake MixTarget$4.99
Maple Syrup Target$6.99
Measuring CupsMacy’s$11.20
Spatula Macy’s$8.99
Mixing bowlMacy’s$21
Total Price: $68.31

DIY Secret Santa Ideas

Get creative and make your secret Santa’s Christmas extra special. Personalized their gift specific to their likes, hobbies, and interests.

Coffee Body Scrub

Simply mix up the ingredients, place in a mason jar, and let the magic happen. New year, new skin. Need we say more? 

ItemWhere To Get It Price
Large Mason JarDollar Store or Recycled$1
Coffee Grounds Grocery Store $4
SugarGrocery Store $2
Coconut OilGrocery Store$4
Total Price:$11

Holiday Tumbler Bundle 

Fill a reusable tumbler with little essentials for the person always on the go. 

ItemWhere To Get It Price
Tumbler Amazon$11.99
Hand Sanitizer Target$0.99
Giftcard Online/In-store $10
Total Price:$25.97

Experience Christmas Gifts

Material gifts are great, but your memories are priceless. Instead of buying tangibles considering creating experiences for a loved one that they’ll never forget.  

ItemWhere To Get It Price
Drive-In MovieLocal$12/per person
Museum TicketsLocal$22/per person
Ice Skating PassesLocal$5/per person

Homemade Christmas Gifts On A Budget

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