Four tips to create an awesome $RoarTag

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Four tips to create an awesome $RoarTag

Create your own $RoarTag so you can personalize your profile, invite friends to earn bonuses, and enter social giveaways! 

What is $RoarTag?  

It’s a unique way to express yourself, and it’s a nice alternative to using your phone number and email. 

Be sure to create your $RoarTag before it’s taken.

What should my $RoarTag be? 

Here are four tips to help you create a unique tag and join the MoneyLion Pride. 

Make it fun.

Create something that represents you in an interesting way. What do you love? What are you into? Are you a drummer, puppeteer, avid BBQ pitmaster? Make your $RoarTag be a representation of your personality. 

Examples: $DrummerBoy2112, $NerdOfTheRings, $GolfDaddy

Use a nickname.

Growing up, many of us have been given different terms of endearment from friends, family, and co-workers. For myself, I have been called Lurch, DaddyLongLegs, ChuckyB, and Marmaduke. Yes, I am tall. Yes, I am a goofball. 

Examples: $Missy123, $ClymeTime99, UncleCrocodile

What inspires you? 

Make your $RoarTag an affirmation. Something that will motivate you and help you be the best version of yourself. 

Examples: $BossBrendan, $AwakenTheGiant, $MoneyMovesMark 

Use your sign 

Celebrate your inner hippy. If you are into astrology and feel that it represents you as a person, it can inspire a cool tag that reflects your personality. 

Example: $FunkSoulGemini, $CancerianQueen, $LovelyLeo

Invite a friend to join the Pride using your very own $RoarTag, and you can each get up to $55!

One team. One dream. 

Don’t miss out on our latest referral program! From now until February 28, 2022, you and your friend will each get a $5 bonus when they open a RoarMoney account and a $50 bonus when they set up and receive a qualifying recurring direct deposit into their RoarMoney account within the first 60 days of enrolling. 

How to refer a friend, you ask?
First, go to your account profile menu, customize your $RoarTag, and share it on social or send to your friends.

When:You each get:
Your friend opens a RoarMoney accounta $5 bonus in your RoarMoney accounts
Your friend sets up and receives a qualifying recurring direct deposit to that RoarMoney account within 60 days of opening the accounta $50 bonus in your RoarMoney accounts

There’s no limit to how many friends you can invite, so the louder you roar, the more bonuses you’ll get! 

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