Financial Resources for Nurses & CNAs During COVID-19

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It’s no secret that the coronavirus is affecting different demographics to different degrees – and healthcare workers are more at risk on many levels. They’re also the most essential groups on the frontline battling the virus. Many hospitals and healthcare facilities are raising wages for nurses and CNAs to keep them on board. But perhaps not as much for other healthcare workers like janitors and kitchen staff. With everything going on, if you’re a healthcare worker, you might find yourself needing some additional financial assistance.

Make sure you get in touch with your employer directly to ask about being paid crisis rates. Many hospitals and health care facilities are raising wages. If you’re currently unemployed or have been injured on the job, go to your state’s website to learn how to apply for benefits or read more here. There are also a variety of different national resources and funds available to healthcare workers at this time – and more are developing daily. Check out some of the largest initiatives below.

  • American Nurses Foundation – has set up a coronavirus response fund for nurses to help with direct financial assistance to nurses and support their well-being. You can learn more about your eligibility and apply for assistance here.
  • The Hero Fund – is an initiative by Senate Democrats that have proposed additional pay, called hazard pay, for frontline workers. It is still an ongoing development and one to be watched closely.
  • Brave of Heart Fund – has been established by New York Life and Cigna to provide financial assistance to support healthcare workers and their families. You can learn about how to access these resources here.

New Initiatives are In The Works 

Just like pandemic itself, financial assistance funds for nurses and CNAs are changing rapidly. New initiatives are frequently being introduced and implemented so it’s important to stay up to date on the latest initiatives by following your state’s website or by calling 211. There are also a host of other ways for everyone to get financial help and access resources at this time

As a healthcare professional, your work has a powerful impact on everybody’s lives. We appreciate the risks you take to keep the rest of us safe – and we want to thank you for that. Remember to stay safe and empowered to share your experiences at the frontlines!

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