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MoneyLion has teamed up with Column Tax to provide a smooth tax filing experience exclusive to RoarMoneySM customers.

Ready for stress-free tax filing? Here’s what you can expect from this exclusive service:

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Pro tip! Follow these simple steps to qualify for free tax filing:

1. Download the MoneyLion app or create an account on

2. Create a RoarMoney account2
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3. Start Filing Your Taxes

File from your phone or computer; the choice is yours.

These are real people filing their taxes the MoneyLion way:

“It was easy and straightforward, also, I could track my refund and that was great.”
Ashley H. 12/20/23*

It was easy, quick and I got a bigger refund than others were offering.”

Malcolm H. 12/20/23

“Filing was very easy. First year doing it in my MoneyLion app & it connected easily to where my W2s were stored in other apps.”*

Kiera K 12/20/23

Stay up to date on everything 2024 tax-related. Check out all our tax blog content here.

*MoneyLion Customer Feedback

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