Freelance Writer Salary: 14 Lucrative Writing Gigs

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If you’re considering an opportunity that allows you to work from anywhere in the world, freelance writing could be the perfect career for you. In fact, this popular line of work is predicted to grow each year significantly, with more than 50% of the workforce freelancing by 2028, according to projections by recent studies.

Ready to start your freelance writing career? Then it’s time to find your niche. The most common questions writers want to know before jumping into the freelance world are “How much do freelance writers make per article?” or “How much can you make as a freelance writer?”

Since most industries require some type of content writing, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. We’ve put together the most popular freelance writing gigs to help you understand each niche, topics you’ll be writing about, and the freelance writer salary you can make with each job (though salaries can vary). Continue reading to find the best freelance writing gig for you!

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is forever growing and with this growth is the need for freelance writers. Writers can cover various digital marketing topics, such as content writing, social media, and search engine marketing. You’ll have to have the technical skills to write in a way that attracts audience interest and is search engine optimized (SEO).

Potential average salary: $75,000


Financial writers cover various topics in the financial industry. You might work for a fortune 500 company or a small start-up. Finance writing is more than covering savings accounts or budgeting tips. You’ll need to understand complex topics like credit, taxes, investing, stocks, and retirement options while writing about them in an easy-to-understand way. 

Potential average salary: $65,000


Cryptocurrency is a relatively new niche of freelance writing. The topics around cryptocurrency can be difficult to understand, so it’s essential to have a thorough understanding of what it is, how it works, and how to use it. Some common topics you may write about are cryptocurrency exchange programs, crypto credit, blockchain technology, and bitcoin mining. The average salary for writers in this niche is much higher than other subjects because of its complexity.

Potential average salary: $100,000

Life and wellness

Life and wellness brands are some of the top-performing products in today’s marketplace. Writing in the life and wellness niche requires good research skills. You need to have the ability to piece scientific information with products or specific healthy lifestyles. Common topics that may be covered include healthy lifestyles, health care alternatives, and CBD products. 

Potential average salary: $54,000


If being credited for your work is not important, ghostwriting might be the right career. Ghostwriting is popular with blog posts, online publications, and books. Businesses in every industry use ghostwriters because they need quality writing and don’t have time to write their own content or lack writing skills. Because of this, the topics and average salary of ghostwriters can range dramatically.

Potential average salary: $61,000


Scriptwriting involves producing content that will be used to record YouTube videos, TV shows, movies, plays, or podcasts. It’s essential to write in a way that sounds natural when spoken and conveys the speaker’s personality, meaning you don’t want the content to sound bland.

Potential average salary: $60,000

Email marketing

Email marketing is a form of writing using a series of emails to attract readers to take some type of action, whether that be to purchase a product or use a service. Businesses use email marketing to increase revenue and turn potential customers into paying customers. The style of writing is laid-back and informative. Potential email marketing gigs include landing page copy, email campaigns, sales funnels, or newsletters. 

Potential average salary: $52,000

Travel and food

Travel and food writers commonly target the population of people who enjoy spending their money on fun experiences. You’ll have to be skilled with the ability to research and write in a fun, light-hearted way that makes the reader feel like they connect with the writing. This might include topics such as the best restaurants, travel destinations, travel guides, food guides, recipes, and transportation tips. 

Potential average salary: $46,000

Real estate

The real estate market is booming, with houses sold within hours of being on the market. Real estate writing is essential to help buyers choose the right mortgage, loan, or learn more about the home buying process. Topics commonly covered in this niche include real estate law, buying guides, home décor, and location analysis.

Potential average salary: $47,000


Entertainment writing is unique because it requires creativity to write eye-catching, appealing content that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. There is no technical writing required, but having a natural storytelling skill will help you succeed. Topics you may cover could include celebrity gossip, TV show reviews, events, or even concerts.

Potential average salary: $46,603


You’ll need to be very analytical and understand complex language to write in the tech industry. The typical topics you may cover might include writing product manuals, B2B technology reviews, technology news, or even cybersecurity.

Potential average salary: $60,000


Unlike other niches, you don’t need to be a parent to be a parenting writer. Having kids will make it easier to write about topics, as you’ll have first-hand knowledge. Writing for parenting blogs, magazines, or online stores means that you’ll need to be informative about the issues at hand while not getting too technical. This type of writing is packed with tips and simple language for any parent to understand. The average salary for writers in this niche is smaller than other writing niches.

Potential average salary: $51,000

Beauty and fashion

Beauty and fashion is a subjective field that needs writers who can convey complex information in an easy-to-understand way. You’ll have to mix research with compelling content to make a well-paying freelance writer salary. Typical topics you may cover could include skincare product tutorials, make-up tutorials, and new trendy products. 

Potential average salary: $53,000


Writers in this industry need to understand sports terminology and write clearly, to the point, and provides accurate information to readers. Typical topics you might cover as a sports freelance writer might include game-day statistics, equipment review, game analysis, college sports, or player news.

Potential average salary: $48,000

Begin your freelance writing career

There are so many ways for writers to make significant money in the freelance world. Freelance writer salaries will vary depending on the niche and how much work you choose to take on. If you’re ready to get started in the industry, start browsing websites like Indeed or LinkedIn to find your first writing gig.

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