How Much Do You Need to Invest in Stocks?


When you were first learning to walk, the first step was the hardest. You might have thought you’d hobble or trip trying it on your own. Investing might also seem like you’re taking a plunge, especially if you’re not used to it. 

Luckily owning investments has become effortless and affordable. MoneyLion offers a full suite of investment products and perks, and you don’t need much capital to invest in stocks.

Getting started for $1

Investing seemed to be limited to the wealthy, once upon a time. You opened a brokerage account and had to fund a minimum balance before you could even invest. Choosing between saving and investing wasn’t as hard when there were fewer options.

RoarMoneySM accounts offer investments for the rest of us for only $1 per month, along with a wide range of perks. Experience the joys of no balance minimums or hidden fees, 0% APR InstacashSM advances up to $250 and cashback rewards on everyday spending. You even get weekly reports on spending and paychecks deposited up to 2 days early with direct deposit. 

Getting started is simple.  

First, download the MoneyLion app and answer a few simple questions to create your account. You’ll be asked for your goals and preferred risk tolerance. Those answers will determine the recommended portfolio, but you can always change it if you’d like. Each investment portfolio is tailored to your profile and risk tolerance. 

After that, deposit funds and sit back to watch your account grow. Better yet, set up recurring transfers using AutoInvest to watch your account grow faster and with less work.

Invest as little money as $10

Worried about not having enough to invest? Investing with a MoneyLion investment account comes with no minimum balance requirement. If you want to invest, add funds or withdraw them any time. You have freedom to invest as you please, skipping expensive brokerages and fees. 

Thematic investing

Have you ever wanted to invest in something you are really passionate about? Maybe you care about innovative technologies or investing in companies for the greater good. You’re not the only one. Many investors want their investment accounts to reflect their passions.

MoneyLion has partnered with industry veteran Wilshire Associates, which manages over $1 trillion in assets, to create thematic portfolios. With thematic investing, you can put your money where your heart is.  Examples include portfolios focused on disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence or companies focused on positive environmental and social impacts. 

After MoneyLion recommends a fully managed diversified portfolio based on your risk tolerances, you can add portfolio themes. Personalize your portfolios with the big ideas you care about!

Set and forget

If you’re still trying to figure out the best time of year to buy the stock market, don’t bother. Trying to time buying into the market usually means you miss out on stock market returns because you don’t know when to enter. Study after study has shown that market timing does not work.

Auto investing puts investing on auto-pilot so that you can invest effortlessly, even when you’re busy. Scheduling a recurring transfer from your checking or savings account takes very little work. You also don’t need extra discipline to grow your investments when AutoInvest consistently sets aside money for you. 

With a few clicks in the MoneyLion app, members can turn $20 a week into $1,000 a year. Reach your savings goals faster by being consistent.

Access to financial tools

Your access doesn’t stop at investing. Monitor your financial health with Financial Heartbeat, which tracks your financial progress on areas like saving, spending, insurance, and credit. Your weekly spend report tracker will also keep you in tune with any shopping sprees.

You can even start building your credit with a Credit Builder Plus membership that provides features like loans of up to $1000, credit monitoring, and 0% APR cash advances through Instacash. Whether you need to establish a credit history or rebuild your credit, Credit Builder Plus provides an opportunity to do so, with no hard credit check. 

Seamlesses invest your rewards

Not much in life is free, but you can use earned cashback rewards on everyday purchases and reinvest it into your $1/month MoneyLion investment account. Rewards can add up faster than you think. Each month MoneyLion partners with products, stores and even delivery services to maximize your rewards. Check the rewards tab in your app to see the monthly offers and have rewards bonuses go right into your investment account.

Improve Your Financial Health

Investing has gotten incredibly easy for men and women alike. Not only can you get fully managed investment portfolios for only $1/month, but you can personalize your portfolio themes according to your passions. AutoInvest keeps investment transfers effortless, and you can invest any amount.

Besides getting your investment needs taken care of, you can benefit from other perks and credit building features like the Credit Builder Plus membership. You can apply for a loan of up to $1000, access a portion of the funds right away. You’ll find the rest of your loan saved for you in a Credit Reserve Account. The account earns interest, which is just more savings that can go towards your investment account while you’re working on your credit. 

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