How To Celebrate Pride at Work and Be An Ally

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How to celebrate pride at work

Being an ally means you are inclusive, have an open-minded perspective, stand up for injustices against those in the LGBTQ+ community, and believe in equality for all. Essentially, allies look for the good in everyone and advocate for all people if injustice is being done against them. 

Sound like you? Then you’re an ally! Allyship is crucial and being an ally is a role that must be taken seriously. One of the best times to show up as an ally and advocate for equality in every space you enter is none other than Pride Month.

Getting your place of employment to celebrate Pride Month is a great place to start! Here are our 5 tips on how to celebrate pride at work.

What is Pride Month?

The first Pride March occurred in New York City in June of 1970, a year after the StoneWall Uprising. Over the years, June has become known as Pride Month, which is a time to celebrate and educate others about the importance of equal rights in the LGBTQ+ community. 

It is important to spend this month—and every month, really—encouraging acceptance and equality for all. As an ally of the LGBTQ+ community, you can use this month to bring awareness and education to others in the workplace. 

Importance of celebrating Pride Month in the workplace

Inclusion and diversity are two words that have been used a lot in the past few years. As an employer, it is important to ensure that your staff is representative of a range of people and that they all feel included in the work culture

Assuming that your staff includes a diverse background, someone on your team might celebrate pride month, this means recognizing pride can help them feel included and valued as an employee. This is a great way to also let employees know that their place of employment is a safe space, a place that they can be themselves and still be accepted. 

Being accepted and recognized can improve employee morale and overall sense of belonging. Who doesn’t want to feel like they belong in a place that you spend most of your time? 

5 ways you can celebrate Pride Month at work 

The entire month of June is dedicated to LGBTQ+ pride, giving you plenty of time to celebrate at your workplace! Here are some ideas to keep the celebration going all month long.

1. Education

One of the many ways to be a great LGBTQ+ ally is by educating yourself and your team. Stay up-to-date on policy changes and laws, learn about important current events, and educate yourself on the history of Pride Month. 

Education also includes training. Provide diversity equity and inclusion trainings to your team. Be open to feedback from the staff. Use this time to refresh and make sure your company policies are up-to-date and inclusive. 

2. Donate to LGBTQ+ charities 

There are tons of LGBTQ+ charities that need help. Get ideas from the team or research on your own and pick a charity. Collect money throughout the month or host fun events like a pride-themed bake sale in the office. 

Plan a virtual celebration if you are not back in the office due to COVID. Ask the staff to donate virtually. Set a goal and get everyone excited about crushing it! 

If your company cannot afford to donate money, time is valuable, too! Look for local volunteer opportunities and encourage your staff to sign up as volunteers. Make it a company outing. Great Nonprofits provides a list of different LGBTQ+ nonprofits to consider. 

3. Keep your staff engaged 

If you are still operating virtually, keeping your staff engaged digitally is a great way to celebrate Pride Month. Send out emails or update the company’s social media accounts throughout the month. You can send out LGBTQ+ facts, information, and trivia. 

This is a great way to increase awareness, too! Providing resources and highlighting prominent figures in the community helps keep your staff engaged in a non-forceful way. Consider shining the spotlight on staff members who are a part of the LGBTQ+ community as long as they are comfortable with you doing so! 

Encourage staff members to respond to emails or engage in polls to keep it interactive. Staff can even add taglines in their email or update their pronouns to show allyship. 

4. Decorate the office 

Providing the staff with pride themed backgrounds for their zoom including rainbows, quotes about equality, and images or prominent activists is a great way to show support. It is also a great way to brighten up the workplace. Including different emojis or gifs in emails and work chats is exciting too! 

Handing out rainbow pins and love quotes to wear around the office can also help with inclusion during the month. Friendly competition is a good thing, so consider offering a prize to the most festive person in the office as a way of increasing participation. 

5. Make everyone feel comfortable 

The idea behind celebrating Pride Month is to promote inclusion in a way that honors diversity. This means making the work environment a safe space for all. Use this month as a time to ensure that these initiatives are ingrained in your workplace. Set the tone so everyone is comfortable knowing they are appreciated and welcomed. 

The celebration doesn’t end in June 

Once the decorations come down and the email quotes stop, your company needs to continue promoting inclusion all year long. Pride is more than a month’s worth of rainbows. It is a chance to ensure allies are up-to-date on policy changes while highlighting members of the LGBTQ+ community. It is also a great chance to bond and have fun with each other. Use this month to let employees know they are seen, heard, appreciated, and supported by everyone else at work.

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