How To Get Help Paying Your Mortgage During COVID-19


Millions of Americans are taking a major economic hit because of the Coronavirus outbreak. Different industries are being forced to close – and many people are being laid off or losing work as a result. We’ll eventually get through this tough time, but how are you supposed to pay your mortgage when your income is on pause?

The good news is that many organizations are offering mortgage support for people affected. Keep in mind that not everyone will qualify for relief, but estimates are that the majority will. Make sure to have concrete evidence of a layoff or work closure when you contact your mortgage provider.  

What is the Government Doing to Protect Homeowners During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

Governments are stepping in to protect homeowners by initiating different mortgage relief programs. If your mortgage is backed by a government lender, you may be able to defer your payments and be exempt from foreclosures. Your state may also be developing programs that might help for your situation. 

CNBC is keeping a helpful running list of government relief, as this situation changes almost daily! And you can go straight to the source at You should also contact your mortgage provider directly for more information about how you could qualify for relief. 

How are Lenders Helping Their Customers?

Banks are also stepping in to assist homeowners. New updates are happening almost daily so it’s important to get in touch with your mortgage provider directly to learn more about the relief options available to you. We’ll go over some of the latest initiatives by top lenders.

Bank of America

Bank of America is offering a wide range of assistance to its customers. Homeowners may be eligible to defer their mortgage payments along with other types of loans. Relief is determined on a case by case basis so it’s important for customers to get in touch directly by calling 800-669-6607.

Citi Bank

Some mortgage customers may be eligible for a hardship program through the bank’s service provider, Cenlar FSB. Customers will need to contact Cenlar directly to find out if they are eligible for relief – either by calling 1-800-223-6527 or emailing [email protected]


PNC is providing hardship relief for homeowners by waiving fees on mortgages. Customers may also be eligible for additional support depending on their situation – but will need to contact a representative at 1-800-822-5626.

TD Bank

TD Bank is assessing the best ways to help its customers on a case-by-case basis. Homeowners may be eligible for payment deferrals for mortgages for up to six months. The best way to find out if you are eligible for relief is to contact the bank directly.

Wells Fargo

Fee waivers and payment deferrals may be available for some homeowners with Wells Fargo backed mortgages. You’ll have to contact customer care to know the full extent of support available. Homeowners can get in touch by calling 1-800-357-6675.

Ally Financial

Ally Financial will allow homeowners to defer mortgage payments for up to 120 days – starting from the first day you get in contact. Your credit won’t be impacted, and you won’t be charged late fees; however, interest will still accrue. Make sure to call Ally’s home servicing team at 1-866-401-4742 if you’re planning to defer your payments.

Get the Support You Need

Remember that support is available. Millions of people are affected by the coronavirus, and you are not alone. Get in touch with your mortgage provider or local government to learn about relief options available to you. Make sure to also keep track of new developments by following your state or bank’s website.

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For more resources, keep checking the COVID-19 section of our blog here. We’ll be updating it with new information regularly.

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